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posted by littlesally157
hi i am katie i now everthing about littlest pet kedai kenner was the first owners and hasbro was the secend i think they will never sell it to any one else because they make so muck out of it there new ds games cami=eing out and they are called Littlest pet kedai # biggest bintang purple team merah jambu team and blue team that is a have lebih anda for now have fun with littlest pet kedai and any soalan just e-mel me at oh and Cinta littlest pet kedai so much so i will give anda for informashion on it every week
posted by pugglelover2000
Jenny is just your regular 13 tahun old girl;but when there is a Singing competition at school,she proves that she is amazing.Her Muzik teacher Mrs. Gildens says there is going to be another competition state wide and that she should go with her to win.Jenny agrees and is so exited about it,but know one believes in her and her friend turns on her into a mean girl and starts to bully her;her family is discouraging her to try.What will Jenny do?