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pilihan peminat: Dania Ramirez's
pilihan peminat: Grace Kelly
pilihan peminat: Adelaide Kane (Drizella)
pilihan peminat: She can't swim
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Quatlover4life berkata …
Who is your kegemaran character? telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
hatelarxene dikomen…
Ariel satu bulan lalu
zanhar1 dikomen…
Regina 💙💜💙💜 satu bulan lalu
DisneyPrince88 dikomen…
Regina satu bulan lalu
SherlockStark dikomen…
Rumpelstiltskin ·20 jam lalu
FlightofFantasy berkata …
It's confirmed: Dania Ramirez's character is adult Henry's wife and Lucy's mother, and, intriguingly, a new iteration of Cinderella! I liked her in Heroes (though I know most people didn't like her character, Maya), so I'm looking ke hadapan to seeing her in this!
I'm honestly quite excited for this season, this soft reboot sounds interesting.
Also, Seattle IS going to be new "modern" setting! Yay Seattle! Washington pride! :D telah diposkan ·2 bulan lalu
lilyZ berkata …
Season 7 officially started filming today (06.07.2017) telah diposkan ·2 bulan lalu
Iminabook dikomen…
I can't wait for the new season to be on Tv ·2 bulan lalu
lilyZ dikomen…
that's gonna be on October 6 atau so they say :) ·2 bulan lalu
zanhar1 dikomen…
Same it's been too long LOL ·2 bulan lalu