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 Mirror, mirror on the screen, who are the best and worst actors on the show?
Mirror, mirror on the screen, who are the best and worst actors on the show?
I thought of this while I was doing my tinjauan-tinjauan about the best villain actors on the show. It also made me think of the Nostalgia Critic's best and worst Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes videos. So I decided to do a senarai of the best and worst actors on the show. Now, I would like to make ONE THING PERFECTLY CLEAR! Just because someone is in the worst list, it DOESN'T mean that I think they're a bad actor, just that I think that they're Berlakon isn't as good as the others. Because I think the Berlakon in Once Upon A Time is absolutely brilliant. So here is my senarai of both the worst of the best...
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I'm curious as to what it would've been like. However I don't think it would be better if they did it this way. I mean there would be a HUGE plot hole about Emma not noticing everyone else not aging, except her. But I thought I'd make my own version of what I think the first episode would've been like. I'm not going to be doing this with every episode because it would just be a big mess and it's not worth it. This is just for fun. It's only going to be menunjukkan things from the real world, not the fairy-tale world. Please let me know what anda think and don't take anything about this too seriously,...
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Got board decided to write a little fanfiction. I did post this on fanfic.net too so if anda see it there, just know it wasn't stolen from me nor did I steal it from someone else.
This fanfic takes place sometime after Regina, Emma, and the others arrive in Neverland. It starts out after they managed to locate Peter Pan.

“Do anda want him back that badly? So badly enough that you’d be willing to do anything for to get him back?” Peter asked motioning to very displeased looking Henry.
“Yes. I’ll do anything anda ask exchange for my son’s selamat, peti deposit keselamatan return.” Regina nodded.
“Anything at all?”...
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 Eternal b*tch face
Eternal b*tch face
This may include spoilers for those of anda who aren't caught up yet but anda should know that risk sejak now

It's no secret on this club that I can't stand Victoria (I refuse to call her Rapunzel) AT ALL! The only good things I can say about her is that she's good looking, I like her accent, and the actress is very talented. However, as a villain, she was a total waste of time because she did little to nothing. She wasn't intimidating AT ALL and just felt like some brat trying to have control over everything but looks really awkward and unconvincing as a legit threat. She felt lebih like a silly...
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As with my last article; my conversations with Audreygrace inspired me to make this one. Tbh she practically co-authored this one lol--that berkata I will again be using komen-komen from the mentioned conversations.

Regina is a woman who just seems to have such a hard time letting things go--from having a hard time forgiving those who wronged her to struggling to forgive herself.

As mentioned prior, Regina can hold a wicked grudge, I mean she cursed a town for 28 years because little Snow White had a hand in the death of her lover. But this grudge-holding isn't just limited to other people. In fact...
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