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UK National Anthem (With Lyrics On Screen)

The UK National Anthem-God Save The Queen (60th Anniversary Of The Coronation)

BBC Documentary on the life of Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Diana & Queen Elizabeth II arrive at Reception for Italian President (October 23, 1990)

James Bond and The Queen London 2012 Performance

Queen Elizabeth II | Phoenix

Prince Charles: his children, the paparazzi & marriage to Diana

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee konsert [finale & speech] - 4th June 2012

Queen Elizabeth II's takhta speech 1954

The Queen with grandchildren at Balmoral

The Queen off duty-queen is funny

The Queen is mad

Royal Sisters: Queen Elizabeth II & Princess Margaret

Royal Scandals .

Mountbatten: Death Of A Royal .

The Duke: A Portrait of Prince Philip Part 2 .

The Duke: A Portrait of Prince Philip Part 1 .

God Save the Queen - 85th Birthday of HM, Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey .

Kate Middleton Wears Queen Elizabeth II's Royal Jewels

.Queen Elizabeth II Reflects on her life, rare footage .

Queen Elizabeth II speech to parliament 2013 .

.After Diana's Death:Prince Charles Crying(Unseen Public) .

.Queen Elizabeth II Chats with Children & Teacher at school in Russia .

"I am a Canadian" : Queen Mum .

The mistress of Prince Charles part 5 of 5

The mistress of Prince Charles part 4 of 5

The mistress of Prince Charles part 3 of 5

The mistress of Prince Charles part 2 of 5

The mistress of Prince Charles part 1 of 5

Young Queen Elizabeth

.The Queen's Arrival at the Funeral of Diana Princess of Wales .

The Queen and Mrs Thatcher .

Queen Elizabeth II easter 2013 .

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Documentary

The Queen, Kate Middleton, Prince Philip | Royal visit to Baker jalan Underground

♥ Queen Victoria & Prince Albert ♥ Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip ♥

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon/Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom

Prince William of Gloucester

.The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II - Documentary

Queen Elizabeth in turkey

Prince William shows Queen Elizabeth II an RAF cari and Rescue helicopter

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - 60 years in 6 saat

Marilyn Monroe - Meets Queen Elizabeth II of England. 1956

Marilyn Monroe Arrives in London and Meets The Queen Elizabeth II in 1956