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pilihan peminat: YES!!
pilihan peminat: Yeah! I don't want to grow up! DX
Yeah! I don&# 39; t want to grow up!...
No! I want to be an adult!
pilihan peminat: no
pilihan peminat: cleo sertori (phoebe tonkin)
pilihan peminat: yes
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twinklestar11 berkata …
plz Kpop and BTS peminat-peminat dont beat me up for this but in my opinion Kpop and BTS suck. I feel like im the only one that thinks that (well besides my sister). telah diposkan ·2 jam lalu
BlindBandit92 dikomen…
Okay and your crush sucks as well. I don't really give a shit if anda think they suck and I don't understand why anda need to announce it honestly. ·2 jam lalu
BlindBandit92 dikomen…
Do anda see how pointless my saying your crush sucks is? That's how pointless this wallpost was. ·2 jam lalu
JetBlack__ dikomen…
I'm sure BTS don't give a shit about your opinion. satu jam lalu
1012jackson dikomen…
Im not gonna beat anda up for that. But how can anda say that?! I Cinta BTS! Theres nothing wrong with korean boybands ·4 minit lalu
whatsupbugs berkata …
Happy Tuesday. Thank anda for all the friendships and supporting words, comments, and props. telah diposkan ·6 jam lalu
8theGreat berkata …
Alright so if anda care 0% about me and/or my Soul Eater obsession from 2011-2012 then feel free to ignore this post

I'm revisiting the series for the first time in a couple of years now and I'm taking notes of some of my thoughts/opinions from seeing it as an adult. If anyone is interested in that sort of thing atau just likes this sort of long form content its on my club.
No pressure to check it out if anda don't want, I'm doing it to reflect so it won't hurt me if no one cares. telah diposkan ·17 jam lalu
8theGreat dikomen…
link ·17 jam lalu
8theGreat dikomen…
Just bringing it up 'cause I will probably reference it at one point atau another. And who knows someone might be interested in it. I myself like dumb, long, esoteric essays about complete stranger's personal experiences with media I've never seen, so maybe someone who's as insane as I am could enjoy it. ·17 jam lalu
TheLefteris24 dikomen…
As someone who is just as interested in such experiences, I am certainly intrigued XD Guess, anda realized that at this point lol. Just giving my input in here as well !!!! ·12 jam lalu