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pilihan peminat: Disney
pilihan peminat: Pan-Fried
pilihan peminat: No
pilihan peminat: no, i'd laugh everytime it berkata it
pilihan peminat: They'd punish me but in a different way to being grounded.
They&# 39; d punish me but in a...
No. They wouldn&# 39; t care.
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Mauserfan1910 berkata …
So this old lady who has been antagonizing me since I was a little kid saw me at the traktor supply co, and she started yelling at me for having a Satanic pentagram on my truck's window. I could have told her to fuck off, but I decided to have a little fun. I used her backwards worldview against her and convinced her that the devil literally made me do it telah diposkan ·4 jam lalu
SilentForce dikomen…
LOL ·10 minit lalu
SwordofIzanami berkata …
I have a simple soalan for anda guys.
link telah diposkan ·20 jam lalu
kingcesar67 berkata …
I like how most of anda answered yes on my last soalan XD telah diposkan ·23 jam lalu
GDragon612 dikomen…
xD so I will be the first who berkata no =p xD ·10 jam lalu
GDragon612 dikomen…
joke xD ·10 jam lalu