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Fan fiction by bf43jd7 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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A hari in the Life...

I was watching my favourite Seinfeld episode, 'The Subway' (Season 3, Episode 13) and I got to thinking, what if I could read the gang's diaries for that day? I decided to have a try, so here goes...


I had the strangest hari today... I had to go to Coney Island to get my car from the police garaj (I still can't believe they found it!) so I was at the cafe early today, and I was so tired. I met George, Elaine, and Kramer there, and they made me pay for breakfast (as usual) it's so unfair, I always have to pay! Well anyway, we all had somewhere to go today – Elaine was going to be best man at a lesbian wedding, George was going to a job interview, and Kramer was paying all his ridiculous traffic fines, I really don't know why he insists on driving, he's dangerous! We all rode together to 42nd Street, and I was trying to get one of them to come out to Coney Island with me, because I decided that while I was there I wanted to go on the rides, it might be years before I get out there again, and it's no fun doing it alone. But no one would come with me, so we went our separate ways. When I got...
Opinion by missminrae posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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This has been driving me crazy so hopefully somebody will read this and tell me the answer as to put me out of my misery. years ago, I saw a magazine cover with the seinfeld cast on it dressed in leather jeackets and looking like bikers. Jerry's jaket had a washtub chain hanging from it on the sleeve and I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it. I have searched to find this pic again on many sites but I keep getting another picture of them on the cover of the Rolling stone mag but it isn't the one I remember. Is it possible it was a limited edition atau something? I am determined to find this pic and I hope someone's memory will be jogged sejak my huraian and respond. thank anda !