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 Pissed off beyond compression. Tell me if anda think I'll make it!
Pissed off beyond compression. Tell me if you think I'll make it!
S.O.A.P. was a master plan Espio planned when we were little, just in case to save me from the evil emperor's clutches. Some how, Espio had the intelligence of a young professor that aced the Harvard Academy. S.O.A.P. stands for Saving On Any Perimeter. That meant no matter how harsh the person that kidnapped me was, they would save me. No mater what kind of cost it was. Shadow was worried to death now, bringing the kids along with him to Hell would be death-defying and they would surely be exterminated. Espio saw the nervous look at Shadow and closed his eyes for a brief moment, "Zoe's kids...
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posted by silvershady
So I was bored the other hari and I went onto Urban Dictionary with my friends. We looked up the definitions of Some Main Sonic characters and chose the most epic ones to put in here, so have fun Membaca them. We sure did. :P

Sonic the Hedgehog

The video game character that many gameophile/furry people have berkata they would have sex with.

With the help of Sonic Passion, he went from a kid's game to a porn star.

In 2005 he was cyber-married to Alix Henriol
Sonic the Hedgehog is hot!

Shadow the Hedgehog-

An Emo hedgehog that appears in the Sonic games, who's debut was in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. He...
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Mephiles and Shadow were sitting on the sofa, kerusi panjang watching television. Brianna came up and gave them Dr. Pepper.

Mephiles and Shadow: NO DRINK!!!
Shadow: anda don't even have a mouth Mephiles I should've berkata that!
Mephiles: Well if it wasn't for I wouldn't be in this crap so HA!!!
Shadow: anda know Musa loves me lebih than you....
Brianna: SHUT UP!!!!!

Moonlight came out and was really tired. Musa came out too.

Moonlight: What's all the ruckess about anda two?!
Musa: Shadow! need to calm down a little bit!
Brianna: That's why I told them to shut up!!!
Mephiles: *Snoring* bewbewbewbew *Snore* mewmewmewmew...
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posted by winterthecat
me:*i left*
sonic:im going to call manic*calls manic
manic:hay bro
sonic;due look at thas pic *manic looks at the pic*
manic:due why did anda shoue me the pic due im going to call sonia*calls sonia*
sonia:yea manic look a thas pic *looks at the pic*
tails:wher did shadow and amy go?
amy;shadow ware are we going?
shadow:dot wrae
tails doll:so um oh hi
sonic:hi tails doll look at thas*tailsdoll look at the pic*
less see what amy and shadow doing
shadow: ilove anda amy rose
amy:oh shadow
tails wow
manic:sonic come down
*shadow and amy kissing*
posted by Shadowrednblack
Tara: Yo,Shadow! anda wanna play some Halo with me? I'm going online and Im playin with Sonic, Blaze, Knuckles, Manic, Mephy and Silver! It's gonna be fun killing the hell outta them!

Shadow: No thanks!

Tara: Come on, Shadow! Did anda forget it's my birthday?

-Shadow zooms in and grabs a controller-

Shadow: Let's kill those bitches!


Sonic: hei Shadow, anda better watch out!

-Sonic kills Shadow with a sword-

Shadow: What the Hell!

-Tara comes up behind Sonic and kills him with a gravity hammer-


Sonic: What the heck I wasn't looking!

Knuckles: Hey, I got the...
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Sonic, Rouge, Amy, Sally, me, and Tails were taking an evening stroll down Soleanna. The sun was silhouetting over the light blue sea, with nothing but a bird's tweet heard in the distance. Sonic was chatting his blue head off, while Rouge was blabbering about jewels and things. Tails whistled to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and I kept my mind on lebih urgent matters. The noble citizens of Soleanna have reported mysterious creatures being seen in the outskirts of the city. They sent us, Fighter Flyers 6, to seek out the problem. "Guys," I started, "We've better find a selamat, peti deposit keselamatan place...
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 The way I saw Shadow in the balcony, his head smashing onto a mirror.
The way I saw Shadow in the balcony, his head smashing onto a mirror.
Sonic placed a delicate hand on my shoulder. I was shocked, and my eyes were as wide as saucers. What was he doing here? I could've sworn I was alone. Sonic looked at me, concern clearly stated in his eyes. Amy appeared out of nowhere and creeped seterusnya to Sonic, with a sad Tails behind her. Tails' eyes never spoke a lie, so many people could tell the mood in the room sejak seeing Tails' expression. And I knew this mood was going to be either sadness atau rage. Amy didn't have her hammer with her, because I spotted it sejak the grassy patch of shrubs. Sonic still stared at me, my pelangi, rainbow eyes piercing...
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posted by shadowninja1
One hari when Iwas minding my own business. My ear popped sejak the sound of lighting .Suddenly, I started screaming like crazy. P.S to the reader : Shadow doesn't come after this.{Just kidding }by the sound of my TERRIBLE screaming brought down a black hedgehog. In my mind I thought "O CRAP!"Painfully, the black hedgehog struggled to get up and I was WAY too frighten talk to him. "Oh my head." He moaned.While I was hiding in the bushes, I crawled slowing to get away. Then, I stepped on a twig. The sound of the twig alarmed the black hedgehog and he went digging in the bushes , and there he found me .(this is the part where I scream.} "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" and so on the black hedgehog screamed too. We were both surprised too see each other .(We not boyfriend and girlfriend T_T) As always, 'us' ninja would dissapear . And guess want I did.... (silence) DISSAPEARED!!!! to be continued......
posted by shadria
Here comes pt4
On Angel island
Knuckles:u have to go alone now
Master emerald:what do u wish for
Shadow:i wish for maria to come back
Master emerald:well she has been dead for 50 years i will make her age every decade (10years)
Shadow:ok as long as she comes back
then teenage maria came out and fell on shadow's arms
Shadow started to cry and hugged maria.
Maria did the same.
Maria:u cried for me?
Shadow:*blushing*yes i did
Maria:lets go meet and greet ur friends
Shadow:wait!i just got u back i don't want to share u right away.
Then they sat down and started to chat.5minutes later shadow introduced maria to everyone and the all got on the x-tornado to go home
To be continued
posted by SkyHedgehog
Shadow isn't real. And even if he was, i'm sure he would be hiding from anda weirdos that are freaking obsessed with him and want to rape him. e_e

God that was one fail of a first paragraph...but onto my rant!

*takes a deep breath*

You fangirls are fucking crazy. CRAZY. I know how that is, too. I used to be fucking crazy. Fuck. XD First off, Shadow the Hedgehog is an anthropomorphic hedgehog created sejak SEGA, the owners of the Sonic franchise. They unleashed a monster. A MONSTER. I think we'd all be better off with just Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman. And Amy, if you're a little adventurous....
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posted by shadowgirl101
SHADOW is so cool!But theres one problem.There is a girl that me and my friend hate and she always makes me mad sejak saying things like:SHADOW is my boyfriend,i kissed SHADOW,SHADOW is madly in Cinta with me and things like that.But anyway i would be so happy if anda want to be my friend on aol if anda come from v.m.s vidor middle school.You know we could like talk about SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG and all the other sonic characters.But of course anda will have to tell me your name.Oh and my aol name is germaineset.Well later fellow SHADOW fans.
posted by PiCKy-NikkI
Hi.I left yall at a cliffhanger last time,but I bet anda know who it is......or do you?

Chapter 2~The impossible is possible

Shadow's Pov

I step back a little.She could'nt be here...but she is!!"M-Maria?!"She was'nt herself....she actually was a...hedgehog.I did'nt really much care for that but I was speechless when she moved around."Sha..Shadow that y-you?"I shooke my head."Yes,Maria your alive!!"She smiled and reach out one hand amd said"Help me out,please."I did'nt hesitate and helped her out,when she was out she tried to stand but her legs could'nt really move."Come here,I'll carry...
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posted by Shadowlover2011
1. If anda touch me im gonna KILL anda in your sleep TONIGHT!!!
2. Dude, if anda p*** me off enough i just might claw your eyes out!
3. ......... *Twiches* O___e
5. Amy, anda p*** me off, DID YA KNOW THAT?!?
6. Pffft! anda think i care? I DONT.
8. Dude, like seriously? QUIT MESSING WITH ME BEFORE I SHOOT YOU!!!!!!
9. *Gives anda the DEATH GLARE*
10. I do NOT care that im EVIL..... why the hell would i?!?

These were 10 famous Petikan from Brianna the Fox! xD
Shadow's POV:
Silence. Pain. The throbbing that pulsated my head. The burning fever that coursed through my weakened, broken body. Struggling. I knew that I was alive, but did those who were around me know... what had happened? Did Rocha and Faron survive? Was everyone else okay? Some of them had to be okay... unless this was the sensation of death, my final moments, someone had to be alive. I strained, I wanted to open my eyes, to see. Nothing. I strained again, this time my mouth. I wanted it to open, to make a noise. Perhaps say something. Nothing. That was when I heard the softness of Rocha's...
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posted by ShadowsGirl
This is the follow up on Shadow and Sky the hedgehog:The happy ending. It was seven years later and me and Shadow were making wedding preperations.

Shadow: Okay, I think everthing is ready now
Sky: Well the only thing were missing is flowers.
Shadow: Well, we can get some from Cream later.
Sky: Did anda get the rings yet?
Shadow: Oh yah, I gotta pick them up today!(grabs keys)
Sky: Can I come with?
Shadow: Sorry Sky, Its a suprise
Sky: Its always a suprise with you(kisses Shadow)
Shadow: Dont worry,I wont be long(walks out)

Sky was pretty upset that she couldnt be with Shadow and started to pace. Suddenly,...
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“ It happens every year…” Shade walked over to her sofa, kerusi panjang in the rec-room and sat down, “a beautiful, eventful, bad keldai summer, then the one horrible hari has to come and ruin it all. The first hari of school.” Shade rested her head on her arm and flicked on the TV, only commercials about back to school sales and short TV show’s on school appeared to fill the screen, “I can’t even watch a decent channel without seeing something to do with the damned place!” She shut off the TV angrily and sighed, “and to make it worse… I’m not even in any classes with my best friend, Mina.”...
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"You cant beat me!" Sonic yelled back to Shadow, who was only but a few steps behind him. "Wanna bet?" Shadow yelled back. He began to run a little faster until he was beside the blue hedgehog. "I'll win this race, atau my name isn't Sonic the hedgehog!" he boasted. Shadow snickered. The finish line was getting closer sejak the step. Shadow slowed down a bit, gathered all of his speed, and zoomed past Sonic. He shook his head. "Oh no anda don't Shadow" he said. He jumped into the air. "Sonic Spin!" he cried. His body turned into a blue ball. The two hedgehog were equal once more. Now the finish line...
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 I just Cinta this picture. Sorry! ☺️
I just love this picture. Sorry! ☺️
(Okay, this will be a lemon chapter! If anda are a Fanpop user which is under the age of 15, DO NOT read. If you're older and a bit wanting for a lemon, go straight on ahead. Note: there will be lots of cursing and fighting in the seterusnya chapter, for all y'all roughhouse people. Now enjoy my Friends and please read my other 104 articles! 😀 And lastly, there will be another sequel maybe depending on my mood. ENJOY AGAIN!)

Shadow kissed my forehead and gently caressed my cheek. I moaned softly into his lips and he smiled. Shadow planted sweet rama-rama, taman rama-rama kisses over my face, especially my muzzle....
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posted by christalthefox
Well Shadow IS the MOST HOT hedgehog of the UNIVERSE(!!!!!!!!!!)and because he 's a mystery guy with the secrets of his self and because he hasen't got a pinky-crazy with red colored dress atau a strange cat who doesn't live him alone FOR ONE AND ONLY SECOND(not telling anda lie she's dead at real.sorry Blaze's fangirls but she died at sonic the hedgehog 2006).Anyway Shadow is just every teenage girl wants.A sweet hot and powerful guy who really don't want to lose she (again).Believe me before Shadow IS was in Cinta with Silver(sucks x on hari I saw Shadow's video game and then...<<WHO THE HECK IS SILVER?????)Then all the hari I saw AND ONLY Shadow's pics, vid's and more!!!!!!!!!!!This is all I have to say.about.See ya at my seterusnya article!!!!!!
posted by lightingjolt1
aww I see my baby up berkata shadow
as he pick up young lighting
mommy berkata young lighting cuddling to
shadow aww berkata sonic as he blush
yawn hay ya daddy berkata young lighting
wow blue boy anda change huh berkata shadow
sonic add ice blue in his quills like lighting
ice blue round his zamrud, emerald green eyes
chest tummy bulu like silver
ice blue wind marks on his arms legs
ice white zamrud, emerald red inhibitor rings silver marks on
emerald red ice white silver marks hover shoes
shoes like both shadow and singe zero mix together
sonic age 15/in HIGHT 5.0
hermaphrodite /ageless/immortal
wow shads anda change as well berkata sonic...
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