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pilihan peminat: ringo
pilihan peminat: Abbey Road
Abbey Road
Please Please Me
pilihan peminat: Blackbird
While My gitar Gently Weeps
pilihan peminat: 11-17
11- 17
18- 29
Paul (Jun. 18)
George (Feb. 25)
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big smile
ktichenor berkata …
I was listening to The Beatles Live At The BBC and a peminat suggested George change his name to 'Gorgeous'...I agree! 💕💕💕💕 telah diposkan ·20 jam lalu
ktichenor dikomen…
'Gorgeous' Harrison...I like that! 😊 ·20 jam lalu
Rubyrings dikomen…
Ooh, I remember that! That peminat was absolutely right! It's perfect: Gorgeous George Harrison! ·2 jam lalu
ktichenor dikomen…
Ooh, I Cinta that! That's even better! satu jam lalu
80smusiclover1 berkata …
"She's a drag. A well-known drag." telah diposkan ·6 hari lalu
Rubyrings dikomen…
"You turn the sound down on her and say rude things" ·6 hari lalu
80smusiclover1 dikomen…
XD ·6 hari lalu
ktichenor dikomen…
I Cinta it when George is cheeky! He's so awesome! 💕💕 ·5 hari lalu
80smusiclover1 dikomen…
He truly is! ·5 hari lalu
Rubyrings berkata …
I just saw something that berkata one reason the Beatles were so popular was because they lasted much longer than most things did - but then it went on to say that Beatlemania lasted three years, ending in 1967! Is that true? Has Beatlemania actually been gone for fifty-one years? I thought it was still around today - look at us, there are still peminat Kelab for them and everything! Are we really living in a world without Beatlemania?? telah diposkan ·7 hari lalu
80smusiclover1 dikomen…
No, we're not! Beatlemania has lasted even after the band broke up. It's still going on now! ·6 hari lalu
Rubyrings dikomen…
I wonder why people say things like that? It starts out like they're going to give the Beatles a compliment, and then they come out with something like this. :( ·6 hari lalu
80smusiclover1 dikomen…
Certainly! ·5 hari lalu