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pilihan peminat: Yes
pilihan peminat: Edward
pilihan peminat: Thomas
pilihan peminat: Gordon
pilihan peminat: Thomas can't wake up
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Seanthehedgehog berkata …
Two years ago, I wrote a story called Norfolk & Western. It's sequel is off to a good start. This time, the main characters are on their way to St. Louis, delivering empty freight cars to BNSF, while testing their track to see if it's suitable for passenger service. telah diposkan ·10 bulan lalu
teddy-1966 berkata …
Today March 23, 2018 I have added 4 kuiz soalan but I think they are fairly easy if anda have read the Book Four Little Engines sejak REV W. AWDRY. telah diposkan ·11 bulan lalu
teddy-1966 berkata …
Thomas and Friends will no longer be on public Televisyen in the US.
A quote from Thomas & Friends Wikia reads

"After PBS' contract for the series ended on 31 December 2017, Mattel announced that Nick Jr. will be the new US utama for Thomas & Friends beginning March 12th, 2018 with an airing of The Adventure Begins. Nickelodeon will also be the exclusive consumer products licenser for the US."

Link: link telah diposkan ·11 bulan lalu
Seanthehedgehog dikomen…
I never liked PBS. I think this is good. Very good. ·11 bulan lalu