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Fan fiction by unohana posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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It was valentines hari and people
everywhere were telling people
they Cinta them except toshiro he
was in his room worrying over how
to tell momo he loved her and how
to give her his
card. While in momos office the she
was having the same problem but
people keep interrupting her to
give her there Valentine when the
one Valentine she want still didnt
come. she has turn
down 17 people she heard a knock
at her door she berkata "come in" and
toshiro come in to her surprise and
berkata "hey momo how r u doing"
"good why are anda here" ''um i just
needed to get out
girls keep asking me to be there
valentines.'' ''oh really me to guys
wont stop coming sejak it makes me
sad to have to tell them no.'' ''why
do anda keep telling them no do you
already have a
Valentine.'' ''no i just want someone
else to ask me'' ''who'' ''no one what
to go for a walk i am tired of telling
Fan fiction by unohana posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chapter 1: The Winning Tickets
As Hitsugaya finished the last
remaining piece of paperwork,
Momo came in with a smile while
holding two tickets. Hitsugaya saw
her and looked right back down to
hide a blush he knew was going to
appear. "Hey Hitsugaya-kun!" she
berkata with a cheerful voice. "It's
Hitsugaya-taicho, and what is it?"
He asked in a serious voice.
"Look what I have." She berkata while
holding up the tickets in her hand.
"Are those the raffle tickets they've
been selling at the fourth
division?" He asked. "Yea, I bought
one for me and one for you!"
"Why'd anda buy one for me? Isn't
the prize some tickets to a resort?"
"Well, yea, shiro-chan, but if I win
and go alone it wouldn't be any fun.
So if we both win we can go
together." She asked while thinking
of how spending time with
Hitsugaya and away from work
would feel like. Hitsugaya also
Fan fiction by unohana posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Momo got her bag and open the door making her way to school. She got to school and saw toshiro eating a beras ball, she sat down in her meja and toshiro saw her and sat down seterusnya to her." hey..."said toshiro,momo got her book and covered her face and said"oh hello lil shiro" "i told anda not to call me that! We are in high school" berkata toshiro while blushing. "oh sorry toshiro" berkata momo. Toshiro took the book off her face and smile to see that she was blushing"its okey momo" and started to rub her cheek and stop because people were looking." ehhhh?! anda guys are going out?! berkata rangiku and renji than berkata "didnt know that anda had in anda to that captain". Orihime behind ichigo said"oh wow! Thats great!" toshiro stood up and shouted"would anda all be quiet!" "oh captain anda are blushing!" berkata rangiku while winking"ah well i grrr" berkata toshiro as he ran out the door" toshiro!! Wait!!" momo berkata while she ran after him. Toshiro got in bahagian, atas of pokok and momo joinned him."toshiro..i" momo berkata and toshiro turned to her and said"finally some time alone"said toshiro as he kissed momo in the lips and they stayed there Ciuman in bahagian, atas of the tree.
Fan fiction by tammav5 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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"Okay kids i have news for anda all." ms.sasaru said."we have a new transfer student." the class erupted with gossip. momo sat at the front of the class. as the door opend she tried to hide behind her book. "everyone,this is toshiro hitsuguya.he just transferd here from the eastern reaches of japan." the silvers haired boy stood infront of the class. momo lookd up and saw his green eyes stareing at her. "why dont anda sit seterusnya to momo. he nodded and took his seat. after the loceng rang they all went to lunch. "so momo what are anda eating?" rangiku asked. "i dont know." momo said. thats all she could say. she was looking at the door waiting for toshiro to enter. then he did with a bunch of guys she had benn bullyd sejak when she was younger. it didnt look like they were talking as friends....it lookd like they were telling him what to do,bulling him."thoes guys are creeps all they want are hot girlfriends and to pick on younger kids." rangiku berkata angrily. momo stood up and walkd over. "well well well if it isnt hinamori...i havent seen anda in along time." the tallest said.then he pushd hitsguya away and walkd up to her. "you've got lebih strangth...heh...to bad anda dont know how to use...
Fan fiction by hikari_akiko posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chapter 1 – Horoscope

Gemini (May 22 to June 21)
Over the seterusnya week change will be inevitable – a worthwhile experience for the comfort-seeking Gemini. This is your foundation for easing your hidden potentials out into your everyday life. Your near future is riddled with many obstacles. However, it is vital to avoid a total dependence on those surrounding you. Forge your own path to surmount these difficulties and become the person anda envision.

"Hidden potentials? I wish."

Shoving another spoonful of cereal into her mouth, Momo flicked the page over, scanning the newspaper for worthwhile articles. The entire listing of the market stocks – with its diminutive font size that threatened readers with future eye problems – was ignored, as was the sporting section.

After Membaca an artikel about the grand opening of a five-start international restaurant in Tokyo (and being mildly interested in it), Momo pushed the morning paper away from her and finished off her breakfast. When she had washed and stored the bowl and spoon away, and was walking past the dining table, she took a glance at the newspaper. After a moment, she...