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Problematic129 posted on Sep 07, 2012 at 10:26PM
Okay, so I've been working on some new stories and this one has graciously popped into my head. Tell me what you think!
Summary:When normal student Lewis Vander and his friends make a horror film for their group project in history class, things seem to be going swell. The horror film is about killing’s that had happened years ago, and there adding some of their own little things, but soon the killings are happening again. And Lewis and his friends fear that this isn’t a coincidence these killing’s are starting up again, there’s a reason. And they think it’s them.
So? I've been thinking that this story should be in the town of our very Valeston, from our very own Daredevil's Vs. Murderer's, but the old characters most likely won't be coming back, just mentioned.
Have you ever seen a horror movie? Watched the plot, figured it out or was completely shocked? Have you ever wrote one? Heard of a real horror story in this cruel world? Have you ever darkly enjoyed the thought of being apart of one, or scared to death? Well, I’ve been a pretty weird predicament myself. Hi, my name is Lewis Vander and this is my story of the rules of a horror movie. It’s a bit complicated.
What do you think? Please comment!
 Okay, so I've been working on some new stories and this one has graciously popped in
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hampir setahun yang lalu alicia386 said…
You always write the most creative stories. I envy that! But I also love it because it makes for a great read.