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posted by vider69
So I've made my eighth spot, after making 'Hollywood's Pretty Women' (which is only for the open minded I guess) and making the 'Domestic Animals' spot I decided that it wouldn't be complete without a matching spot so I made the 'Wild Animals' spot and it seems to be very popular, I Cinta all Haiwan so making this spot was a great experience for me and I've had a lot of fun with it and so have some of the fans, as I see in the komen-komen regarding the images, lol, and a huge thank anda for your contributions and komen-komen I've had a great time looking at what everyone has added and the funny comments...
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link n-washing-line-in-suburban-back-garden-Kingston-London-England-1-JR.jpg.html)" alt=" J Ryder - Wild Robin on a UK Clothesline (link n-washing-line-in-suburban-back-garden-Kingston-London-England-1-JR.jpg.html)" width="256" height="192" />
J Ryder - Wild Robin on a UK Clothesline (http://gallery.hd.org/_c/natural-science/_more2006/_more06/robin-redbreast-o n-washing-line-in-suburban-back-garden-Kingston-London-England-1-JR.jpg.html)
"My kettle's no use any more," mother said...
She hurled the hole-y thing over the hedge...

A robin who found it flew down from a tree..:
"This'll do nicely for missus and me..."

Now robin and family, happily settled..,
Peep out - all five from the hole in the kettle.
I Serraillier

For centuries the English have observed that robin redbreasts like to nest in human's discarded 'junk'. Old hats, old boots, old kettles (above). If the human's 'junk' is to be found in atau near human habitation, the better robins like it. Robins Cinta to roost in occupied barns and buildings, and small suburban backgardens....
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