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posted by zutaraforever
It was five o’ clock in the afternoon and I was listening, singing, and dancing to music. It was at that moment that my parents came into my room.

“Yuko, I am afraid we have some bad news,” she berkata in a sad tone of voice.

So I stopped what I was doing and listened. My parents sat down with me.

“Yuko, I know that anda like it here in Jepun and so do we. But I am afraid we have to alih somewhere else.”

My stomach sank and my hati, tengah-tengah broke. I have started to cry. I was devastated.

“B-But we can’t move. What about my friends?”

“I’m sorry, Yuko, but we can’t afford to continue living...
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posted by bri-marie
Eh, not entirely sure where I'm going with this. Just figured I'd post what I have, and see what people think.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It's your senior tahun and your standing on the sidelines of the football field. Your back is to the opposing marching band –who currently has the field -- which means you're facing the crowd. These people (all three-hundred of them) are serious about this. They aren't like the people who go to the regional competitions. No, this is state, and the people who come to watch are very serious...
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        Beginning of Prologue
I opened my eyes to the bright sun shining in through my window. It was too bright that I had to squint. I rolled out of katil lazily and went to my closet to grab my clothes for today. I rubbed my eyes and looked into the mirror and saw my messy hair, it looked as if it were medusas hair. There was a knock on the door and the familiar voice called out my name like honey. “Jamie? Are anda awake yet?” Nick asked through the door. Quickly, I ran to my bedroom door and flung it open and collapsed into...
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posted by para-scence
"Do anda have asthma?" the gym teacher asked me. My thoughts flickered to Emery. He had asthma, right? Breathlessly, I nodded. "Go get your inhaler. Emery, go with her." Emery helped get me up, and we went inside, as I was taking my last breaths.

"Give me.." I rasped. "Your inhaler."

"What?" Emery asked, unbelieving.

"Get me your inhaler," I berkata through my teeth. My head started to spin. Quickly, Emery ran into the boys' locker room. A couple moments later, he returned with his inhaler, and handed it to me. I pumped some of it into my mouth, and thankfully it helped a bit. I sat there on the floor...
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posted by para-scence
We drove four three hours. I wasn't even sure we were in the same state anymore. Ms. Greener rambled on about where I was going to be staying, but I didn't pay attention, so it's still a mystery. After about an jam of mindless talking, Ms. Greener seemed to realize that I did not want to have a conversation; so she finally shut up. The rest of the car ride was pretty much silent, except for Ms. Greener occasionally pointing out beautiful landmarks.

We pulled up to a small little house, that looked like a ranch home. It was somewhere out in the country; nowhere near where I was used to growing...
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posted by HouseMindFreak
Chapter 14

The serigala, wolf did not alih but Koda was already on the attack. His teeth grew into their long and dangerous bite, the claws tore through his fingers and black bulu sprouted from his arms to his hands.
Before Iah knew it, Koda was on him but he was well prepared for the young Skinwalker.

Why do are they always go for a fight first? He thought to himself biting into Koda’s neck careful not puncture his skin.
Iah was much lebih powerful than Koda expected as the serigala, wolf easily threw him and pinned him to the ground.
Koda growled and bit at him but Iah lunged for his neck and locking his jaws around...
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posted by Supergirl14
The club
We got to “Club monstruo” Their was the bouncer who really smiled when I showed up he let me in and looked at my Friends with discontent, “They are with me, Mitchell!”He smiled again, “any friend of Angela is a friend of mine,”He replied in his gruff voice.
Smoke and strobe lights, half-dressed girls and boys dancing filled the room, “where is Juli,"I yelled, a girl almost half my size(I am 6'5)black hair /w pale merah jambu streaks in a messy bun came in, the bulimic look did not fit her, she looked like a skank and did not look good as one. “ready to get it good?” I asked."only...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
After the lesson about the Cold War, the loceng rings at 9:11 a.m. I grab my tan book bag and put it over my head and the bag lands near my waist. "Wow. She's got a nice outfit. Where did she get it? A thrift store?" I hear Raquelle gossiping about me. I growl under my breath. "Don't worry about her, Bree. She's just jealous. I like your outfit." says my friend, Josh. "Thanks, Josh." We walk out the door together. Everything's fine until I hear people spreading rumors. "Bree Komor is dating Josh Matthews. "I heard they started dating a tahun ago!" "No way!" Ugh. They're making fools of themselves....
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posted by I_DONT-KNOW
I have this short story written down (and almost finished)already but still can't think of a tajuk can anda help me?

"There is a war still to come. One between us and them. Them and us. But it will end- I have seen it- there will come one savior, to fulfill one prophecy; it must be fulfilled. It will be. This is my last wish-find the savior, fulfill the prophecy." The woman's white hand fell still, the pen falling from it. Her eyes closed, never to be opened again, her last breath sounded rough and painful. A high-pitched, mournful cry was emitted from the woman sitting near her; she watched...
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posted by serenacullen93
Hello my name is Leila Claudette Xavier the daughter of Max Oscar Xavier. The CEO of Xavier Arms Of War atau X.A.W. it is the number one provider of weapons for the arm forces. X.A.W. has been around since world war one we are a family of geniuses mean the Xavier are know for that. I graduated from college when I was ten years old and was valedictorian of my high school class at the age of eight. I’m now fifteen. I woke to the sun pouring thought my bay window here in Virginia pantai near Camp Pendleton so named after General William Nelson Pendleton an Episcopalian minister at Grace Church...
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posted by ellie_bellie135
I am clever. I am witty.
I am popular. I am idolized. I am loved.
Everyone values my opinion. They cling to my every word.
I am free of rules.
Advice doesn't apply to me. I don't need it.

I am always right. So don't soalan my opinion, because anda are wrong.
Whatever anda can do, I can do twice as well.

I am untouchable.
I fling attacks from behind my fortress and fear no retaliation.
I am selamat, peti deposit keselamatan behind my shield.
Stronger than steel. Stronger than diamonds. Stronger than you.

No-one would dare retaliate. I am inside my fortress.
And anda can't get in. anda can't hurt me.

I see, hear, smell, and touch, but...
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posted by hannah_vampire
Thanks for the komen-komen plz keep Membaca and commenting :)

Nothing lebih then a visual whisper, like a ghost, slipping past not to be seen.I stood still feet planted on the ground and hoping I would be as peacefully As I could and not be scared of what may lie ahead. I could see the fierce api, kebakaran dieing in peoples eyes and I was hoping that the api, kebakaran would not fully die in mine.

I walked through the forest as I stopped to see the most beautiful animal before me A real serigala, wolf fully black with a white bintang shape on its right front paw and it was so Sleek and beautiful. I saw a girl running towards me...
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Chapter One
Ashelyn (Ash):

    The first thought I had waking up in the morning was, today’s finally the hari I’ve been waiting for all my life.
Pushing away my thoughts, I rolled over on my bed, and wiped the sweat off my brow. Pushing aside the velvet curtain that covered the hole in the dinding that was my window, I squinted in the early morning light.
    It was mid-September, and the heat was something awful. Even now, not even eight hours into the day, I could see the sun beating down on the ground. Dirt from the paths swirled in the air, making it...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
I woke up feeling groggy. My eyes were swollen from crying, and my head felt like it'd been hit with a sledge hammer a couple of times. Niki's head was on my shoulder, his blonde hair was dry now, and his eyes were also swollen and pink.
I slowly put Niki's head on a soft trash bag then I scooted out from the hollow tree's cover. Standing there in the forest made me realize something. It made me realize that sometimes Death brings sadness and sometimes it brings a reason, a meaning, atau a story. Niki berkata that he'd burned the tree... with his hands. But, I'm not sure if that's true at all....
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posted by Twilightluv3r
Chapter 2

We used the web cams but I think it was a wastes of money because Taylor was barely had time to talk.He was always practicing his scenes for his movie.It was fun, sometimes, to watch him tunjuk me his acting. He was really good.
I got to meet his friends, Taylor Dooley, who played Lavagirl, and Cayclen Boyd, who played Max.
"You missed what happened in gym, today" I said. "What happened?" He asked. "We played kickball, boys vs. girls, and the girls won! But, i did hit the teacher on the head with the ball." We laughed. "Something always happens with you, Princess" He said. "Yeah..." I...
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posted by amethyst44
 Feyriem Faeor Burian...Feyries Of Winter
Feyriem Faeor Burian...Feyries Of Winter
Snow. To us, it seemed like the pure spirit to keep us alive. It was always saddening to know that winter passed so mysteriously, every year; a new condition globally, whether it be a blizzard atau rarely a snowfall at all. Either way, the cold was a mixture of high against our skin, and the instant that we saw frost escaping from the sky and settling against the window the sebelumnya morning, we knew we were in luck.

I am sad to say that it's not winter right now.

No, beyond the human portal it was only the blazing sun that taunted us as we stayed indoors, avoiding the exposure. For the feyries...
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 "Leonardo"aka Leo the Emo :]"
"Leonardo"aka Leo the Emo :]"
Ugh,I knew today was going to be terrible but seriously,does she have to completely suck his whole face like that.I wasn't talking about Lulu and Joel,luckily Muzik was the only class I didn't have those two lovers.No,I was talking about my friend Abby totally lipping her boyfriend Gabe's face off.It was completely sickening.Our retarded teacher never looked back so they spent the whole forty-five minit in class sucking faces.Juan had the same look I did,the look that make the whole school know that I drank rotten susu atau something.A look that would make the janitors get a raise for their...
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posted by Fangirl99
this is a heads-up on a story im writing. its about this kid in highschool wh ogoes into this haunted house,then,she turns into a vampire,slowy,and people begin to notice. its awesome.
heres the charecters.

vanessa:vampire girl.
duncan:vampiers girls brother
kylie:vamps bfff.
susan:mean girl
katie:posse (mean girl)
ashle:same as katie
mom:vamps mom
dad:vamps dad
um:those are the main charecters. details i havent thought of yet.ok,so,now anda know.ok,bye!

gotta type more,you cn leave now.

jfgfgddfddfffff Vampires rule!
posted by joe-edwardfan
 bellas dress and Converse
bellas dress and converse
Chapter 8
I was so nerves how charlie was going to react, matt squeezed my hand to comfort me charlie opened the door and gasped he was stairing at me ,not beliving it was me
He wasn’t sure if it was really me and then I heard billys voice from the phone
-charlie charlie are anda ok?
He didn’t respond and turned off the phone
-yeah dad its me
He staired at me again
-you look different!
-yeah two weeks does that to you.
I lied to him
-oh Bella! I missed anda so much I was so worried that I wouldn’t see anda again!
Then I took my hand out of matts and hugged him
-your cold
-yeah its freezing out...
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posted by Thalia_huntress
plz tell me if anda like it and if i should write more

2....1 ready atau not here i come" i say. i hear my friend Annabel giggle. i go behind a pokok "found you" i said. "lunette!! Annabel!!" the owner of the orphanage called us. she was the most pahit woman ever all because her husban died in the war. we sraitened out atau dresses. "coming miss belle." we berkata in harmony. we rushed from the yard. "yes miss belle?" i said. "it's time for us to see if anybody wants anda brats now change into the nice dress we gave." she said. "ok miss" annabel said. miss belle didn't know but every one made fun of...
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