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 mata air, air pancut pens
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Source: blacksunl1ght @ LJ
mata air, air pancut
Chapter One: Before

A warm late Augusts’ evening was upon Hultimore, the secret area which humans that held no gem upon their left palm were not able to see. Gemmers believed that if they visited this area for any amount of time at least once in life, they will be born a lebih powerful Gemmer after death.
No one stepped upon the streets of Hultimore after dark. It was forbidden. Most obeyed this rule and stayed indoors. Yet, the silence of Hultimore was broken, as a lone traveller stepped out across the barrier between dry, barren land and a city full of magic.
His footsteps echoed in the empty...
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posted by NoahxCourtney77
It's Funny, I Use To Be Popular. At First Some People Loved Me And Others Hated Me. Now Everyone Hates Me. Even My Old Best Friends. anda See, I Always Found A Flaw In Everyone And Used It To Hurt Them. Not Physicly Hurt. I Made Them Feel Horrible About Them Selves. I Was The Reason anda Cried On The Way Home. The Reason anda Fake Sicked. Of Course Karma Came And Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks. I Try Hard To Be Nice, But No One At School Pays Attention To Me. Except Teachers. I Even Tried Sitting With My Old Friends.
"Hey, Guys!" I Said
"What Are anda Doing Here?" berkata Lexi Illing
"I Just Wanted To Sit With You."
"Well, Their's No Room"
"Yeah, Right There." I berkata Pointing To The Empty Chair At The End.
"Well," berkata Victoria Khan Placing Her buku On The Seat. "Now It's Taken."
Everyone Laughed. Except Me Of Course. I Just Walked Away. Wishing, I Had Never Been So Cruel.
posted by Funnygirl77
Ian, grabbed my hand aging, "where are we going?" I asked him. He just smiled "first were going to get some Makanan in you. saat I'll take anda back to my place and anda can stay there."
"What about my stuff it's in my car, which is back there?"
I turned around, and then he grabbed me "do anda mean that thing over there." I nodded, "Hey aren't anda 16, anda don't have your full license yet, so why are anda driving." I looked at him, then walked to my car, what was that? I thought, wasn't my car back there.
Ian looked at me, "come on what's taking so long?" I turned away and then I got in my car, I...
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posted by UnderdogAsh
Chapter 1
Starting Point

    I find it funny where I can end up sometimes. In saat grade, I ended up face to face with the biggest bully, Hugo. He was in fifth grade and practically had a moustache. There was even a rumor that he had two kids already with some girl up at my city’s high school. Hugo beat the crap out of me and why? Because I decided to play The Hero and stand up for my friend.
    Once at the zoo, I tried to save a kid’s balloon and ended up in the monkey pit because I broke through the net. I got tons of poo thrown at my face and a...
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posted by Cutebutcrazy--
The hardest part about saying goodbye wasn’t the leaving,
It was knowing that once I left anda would forget about me.
You swore anda wouldn’t but I know you,
Everything is a joke to anda about me.
You’ll go on as if I never exsited.
As if what we had was nothing.

Hope is fading from my lips.
With every breathe I take,
With every step that I take,
With every tear I shed,
You make it worse.
All my trust that I built up with you,
Is gone because of the stupid things anda did.
I tried to give anda chances,
But anda pushed me to far,
I gave anda one to many.

Now look whose back,
Begging for another chance,
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posted by irena83
Throughout misty forest
anda seek for spark of hope.
Your life held by
darkness thoughts,
anchor is
some place else.

Bad luck follows anda
like a hook,
won't let anda go,
won't leave anda alone.

anda smile today,
and cry whole eternity,
like that's your fate,
disturbing thoughts
to lie inside of you,
to take away everything
that anda hope for.

Devil is calling your name,
leaves anda not,
anda don't see the Angel on
your shoulder,
trying to give anda a strength.

anda long for life
that anda don't know of,
anda seek for peace,
trying to get away
from misty forest
that stains your heart
into black.
posted by grissomsgirl
This isn't a timeline story Gilbert is three and this is my first try at fanfiction, so please be gentle!

All CSI characters owned sejak CBS except for Grissom Junior, he's mine, I hope!

When I woke up I saw three faces that I knew the other three I didn’t and me being a shy three tahun old I panicked, loudly! I cried into Daddy’s neck and shook “whoa Gilbert, what’s the matter baby?” asked Daddy trying his best to soothe me, I started to sniffle and berkata in a quiet voice “me frightened, strangers” and I snuggled into Daddy’s body “don’t worry Gilbert they won’t hurt you,...
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Please read the other chapters and tell me whether this is any good atau not. And if anda don't like it, please give constructive critisicm.

The last of the makan malam, majlis makan malam guests poured out of Joseph Warren's house. He didn't have makan malam, majlis makan malam parties often because they usually resulted in fight's between two different people atau parties with extremely different political views. Fortunately, their was only one, small conflict on whether America should be fighting communism in other coutries atau not. Joeseph of course took the side of fighting communism, and so did a couple of others. But most of the other people...
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Panicking,I ran. And ran and ran. I didnt look back, all I knew was, I had had to run. They wont get me not now not ever, I wont be used.

2 Days earlier,

"Robyn! Get up now!" I faintly heard my mum shout from down the stairs, moaning I turned onto my stomach, and pulled my bantal over my head. "Robyn Stirling, if anda dont get ready for school now, you...
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I had just become acquainted with a person very few people would ever meet. A transparent, hard to see character with dark hair and stunning eyes whom most little girls would be frightened of. He, however, was scared instead. He had an extended fear that I have never felt atau seen before. I did not understand this situation at all. I was only five, so I thought since I was human, he shouldn't be afraid of me. But that is not what he was actually afraid of. After all, he used to be human himself. He would not be so terribly startled of me being human. But he was alarmed sejak something about me....
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posted by I_DONT-KNOW

My hands were shaking as i looked at them, how did I do that?
"I take it anda all got my message?" Alexis asked looking at the four groaning figures coming for us. I stood up and stood ready, but Alexis grabbed the bottom of my trouserr leg and stopped me from running.
"Robyn its cool, they are freinds, in fact anda know them," she berkata still smiling. How could she be smillig, apparently people where after us, and we all have powers, I threw my hands up and covered my head, before falling to the ground. A sharp...
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posted by Charlieminster
The morning lectures went quickly and very soon it was five minit until she had to meet Zach at Starbucks. She walked with Jenii until she reached the turn she had to take “Hey Jen, Jake I’ve got to go” she berkata
“Ells where are anda going?” Jenii asked and Jake looked confused as well
“I’m, um, going to meet Zach for coffee” she answered watching their expressions. Jenii’s face lifted in to a wide grin and so did Jake.
“Okay Ellie, see anda at 2 at my place” berkata Jenii
“Okay see anda then” Ellie berkata and rushed off to meet Zach.
    Ellie made it...
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posted by HarryPLover
We were walking through the mall almost about maybe, 20 feet from the door. He hadn't berkata a word to me since the whole Jose thing half an jam ago. Matthew was purposely walking behind me, though only a few feet away, still I wanted him at my side. I stopped and looked back at him. He was stopped his walk with his head down. I walked over to the side of him. I reached for his hand that was poking out if his pocket. Then he did the most crazy thing I think Ive ever seen. He actually stepped back so i wouldn't touch him. He seemed to think it was funny, atau maybe it was my startled face that...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
ok... some of the content in this fanfiction, might rattle some very senstive nerves for some, and i sencerily apologise for that.. please. im sorry.

She moved. She played. She is mine. She isnt here yet, but will be soon and will be all mine. I feel her smile, and dreams and laugh. My daughter. How long how i wanted her.
time after time she escaped me, leaving broken. But she forms again. As though she still wants me. Perhaps she isn't escaping but kidnapped instead.
This time, im ready, and shes staying protected and staying with me.
Two days to the date, in which i will see the face of her....
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Hayley Williams
Taylor York
Zac Farro
Jeremy Davis
Josh Farro
Lacey Mosely
Lady GaGa
Kanye West
Soulja Boy
Joe Jonas
Zac Efron
Dallas Winston(Dally)
Ponyboy Curtis
Alice Cullen

Lady GaGa: Why don't we go out tonight?

Kanye: Can't konsert tonight.

Lady GaGa: Hayley?

Hayley: Ummmm depends.

Zac: Cum awn GaGa I'll go wit cha.

This is all I'm posting. I want to see if I get any responses first. : )
posted by ButteBaby_K
 I just really like this picture, no special connection to the story. haha
I just really like this picture, no special connection to the story. haha
Epilogue: It was a hari like any other, the sun was shining making the mountains turn magenta like tembikai and the breeze played with my hair flipping raven black strands into my eyes and obscuring my vision. I smiled, comforted sejak the averageness of the morning. I had never really known “average” I thought. My father was a Lord of Phim and my mother was his Lady. Every morning I woke up earlier than the peasants and snuck out to the field to watch the sun rise like “normal” people do. My cream-colored skin enjoyed the warm sunlight just as much as I did. Being a little lady meant...
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posted by EllentheStrange
So Long and Goodnight

Please,please hold me tight
I am not ready for a broken wings flight
With the sun oh so bright
So long and goodnight
One last vampire bite
You are the one that's right
We sink into the night
So long and goodnight
With skin like snow white
The Vampires will fight
Please keep me in your sight
So long and goodnight
Don't let them give me a fright
I know they just might
The api, kebakaran is going to ignite
So long and goodnight
Long lalu Before I Died

Long lalu before I died I ripped the wings from my spine
For doing this I fell quickly,swiftly into the...
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posted by ScorpiusHMalfoy
Callie and Damon are first to pick up their kids. They see Avril hurt and Avril milks it and say’s “ its all my fault.” Damon rolls his eyes but Callie yells “Keaira we left them with anda and anda return one damaged just because Debbie’s your kegemaran doesn’t mean anda shouldn’t pay attention to Avril.” “For your information Callie your daughter is a little brat and lazy little one too she’s not even very pretty and I can only guess that’s because she looks like you.” “ Keaira don’t talk to her like that” he says with a very light voice that has little to no meaning...
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posted by dragonrider
That same hari - Eric's perspective

Oh Jeez...Why did she have to point me out to her friends? I wasn't interesting. They know that I had been watching her for months.
To stop meeting her gaze and being embarrassed I hid myself in a book hoping that I would stop being embarrassed.
"Hey Eric anda must be really into that book," My friend Tom berkata to me as he sat down across from me.
Maybe not. I put the book down a bit "Oh yeah it's great. hei do anda have girls staring at you?" I asked him
His face lit up and he smirked "Oh yeah it's great. I get asked out all the time," he said
I frowned "Nobody...
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posted by stopbullying
Chapter 2
An odd man stepped out of the car and instantly I knew who it was. It was the man that came into the kedai during my shift. He stalked me all the way down here and now he was standing in front of me. I wanted to scream because of the scary feeling I got from look in his eyes but I found no voice. I was stupid to go to the outer edges of the park where almost nobody was. And the saat I could find a breath his hand was over my mouth and I was thrown into the back of a car that was cold and wet. I could barely hear the voices in the front of the car and I wanted to know where I was going....
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