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posted by Blitz359
////Sigh....there's, like, one atau two lebih parts after this one.////////

Richi looked up at his friends, his eyes empty and cold, as if the api, kebakaran that once fueled his emotions had finally snuffed out. They glanced over at the two bodies in the shadows sejak the corner, and an audible choke escaped from his mouth. "We're done here." stated Richi, his words monotone and meaningless, and he stepped away from the decapitated corpse. Before Richi could say anything else, a long beep emitted from the remains of Giovanni's metal suit. Without warning, the ground under the teens began to tremble and rumble, and explosions could be heard on the floors below.
"Well....shit." Cain muttered. "The place was rigged to self-destruct the moment Giovanni died, huh?" He could hear Jenna muttering to herself about how "cliché" this was.
They could hear the explosions steadily growing louder. The sudden sound of glass shattering brought the group's attention to Richi, who had thrown a piece of rubble through the window. "Zeph. Take everyone and get out of here. I got something I need to take care of first." he ordered. "And..... don't forget to take them." he added.
Without waiting for a reply, Richi turned and ran out the door they came in, forcing Zephyr to follow orders. "Sean, Cain, grab Scotch's and Val's bodies. I'll be damned before I let their final resting place be here!" The tremors grew worse as the two ran over and retrieved the girls, and the building seemed as it would collapse at any moment. As the boys ran back to the window, Zephyr yelled over the noise, "Jump! JUMP!"
At once, the four leaped over the remaining jagged glass and fell down to the Earth as the bahagian, atas of the building exploded in a fiery hell. Before they fell lebih than five floors down, the air under each of them swirled, slowing their descent and gliding them over the ground. They flew to a clearing near the entrance of the building, and fell roughly to the ground, rolling across the uneven dirt and crashing into a nearby bush. As Zephyr and Jenna collected themselves, Sean and Cain gently moved the bodies of the girls and propped them up against a pokok before turning back to watch the building collapse.
"Hurry up Richi..." grimaced Jenna. "I swear to God, if anda die in there I'm going to murder anda in the afterlife." Sean glanced at his partner. "Death after death?" he asked. "Shut it." Jenna grumbled.
The glass doors of the building's entrance shattered as Richi kicked them open. He ran over to the awaiting group as the foundation finally gave, letting the building crumble to the ground. As he escaped the falling rubble, the teens stared at him, their eyes full of soalan about the thing in his arms. "...Huh?" Zephyr asked as he got near.

It was a young girl.

She lay unconscious in his arms, her face streaked with dust and dirt from the collapse. The clothes she wore were stained and grimy, as if she hadn't changed out of them in years, and her bright creamy hair was oily and uncared for. But something else was off.....
Out of breath, Richi gently laid her on the ground before collapsing, exhaustion creeping up his aching legs. He looked up at the four of them before saying anything. "Don't -huff- ask." They looked at her while he caught his breath, his eyes darting back and forth from her to the sight of his two Friends dead. His senses dulled at the constant replay of their deaths in his mind. He grew sleepy from fatigue.
"Richi!" Jenna yelled. He awoke from his trance, only to hear the sounds of something whirling through the air. He couldn't alih in time; two cords whipped around his body, leaving him tied up and unable to move. Within a few seconds, his team fell to the ground one sejak one, completely immobile. "Damn it...Where did these bolas come from?" Richi grumbled in annoyance.
"Hello there, heathen." mocked Cole. "Nice to see anda alive."
Hauntings part VI- All Nightmares End
"Daddy!" the girl screamed. She ran toward the house, her vision blurred sejak tears.
"Ary, stop," her brother yelled after her. He reached her just as as the inferno exploded outward, throwing them back into the grass.
The api, kebakaran raged on. It engulfed the whole house, encasing the roof, the windows, her room in angry flames. The sound of breaking glass joined the chorus of splintering timber as a window exploding outward. A scream amplified over the chaos.
"Mommy! Daddy!" the girl screamed again. She rose from the grass, but a hand grasped her wrist before she...
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The harsh winter wind whipped through the dusky air as she walked down the forest path, blonde hair billowing behind her. She pulled her heavy kot tighter to her body as she trudged through the snow. She looked up at the frost-lined trees, and cupped her hands to her mouth.
    “Zig!” she called, her voice reverberating through the forest until it was Lost among the trees. “Zi-ig!” Looking down, she noticed a trail of small footprints in the snow, and followed them.
    She reached a thinning in the trees, and now a hill, covered in the thick...
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posted by Skittles98
Sorry about the long wait; I got Lost on the road of life ;)

When I woke up and looked around, I was half expecting to see the run down house I used to live in. Instead, I woke to my new crimson room. The paint reminded me of fall leaves. I stretched and found a blue bundle at the end of my bed. I picked up the note.
“Time to go and meet some friends. Put this on, Sapphire” Dad used my ‘super-name’. I quickly slipped it on and tied my hair into a kuda, kuda kecil tail. I flew out and down the stairs. I whipped passed Alfred, my wake ripping the duster from his hand. I quickly flew back, placed...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Benjamin Milito (Ben)


Age: 14 (would be 18 now)

Status: deceased

Appearance: dirty blonde hair, dark blue eyes, 5'8, he always wore a beanies and really any headgear. and he always has black war paint on his cheeks.

Personality: He was very cocky and tried to make a joke out of everything, he always thought of cocky and sarcastic remarks to people who were trying to be serious. He was someone who lightened the mood when things got tough. especially being trapped in that town.

Powers/Abilities: he had the ability to create mist and fog to hide himself atau confuse enemies, his weapon of choice was daggers and a small double handed scypths.

Past: he died in a escape plan gone wrong.

Others: He was one of the reasons why BloodMist never cracked under the sadness and how overwhelmed he felt being trapped there. He made him see the light in most of the situations and made him able to keep his composure.
posted by MafiaYJ
Anything in italics from this point on, is them speaking in Russian

It was what one might call a Cinta hate relationship.
She loved it!
But she hated it!
It felt good to let loose. She almost had no idea how much she'd been holding back.

Flesh to flesh
The force of it.
The Freedom.

It was like dancing with her own music, her own twist.
She never realized how much the blood didn't bother her.It was intoxicating.
She paused and took a deep breath, looking around herself. 10 henchmen, dead. Either beat bloody atau full of holes.
And at the moment she had a gun to one man's head and a pisau to another. Both...
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added by Robin_Love
I heard this and kinda thought of them
young justice oc
posted by XxKFforeverXx

Scotty sighed as he stared at the computer, leaning back in the hotel chair. "This is definitely the building.. The tracker attached to the van says so, and from our scouting.. there are way too many guards to even attempt this.. " He dropped his head into his hands, letting out a frustrated groan. Chris leaned over his shoulder, tapping his chin. "Cadaver has been working with the Injustice League for a while, we've been keeping tabs on him for months.. maybe he thinks that this is the best place to keep him in...
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posted by SilverWings13
I literally haven't telah diposkan anything in almost a year, so, naturally, I wrote something angsty while sick. Enjoy~

Aryess blinked at the shadows of trees silhouetted outside the window. They were playing tug-of-war with the wind, a wrestling match that turned the shadows into monsters. She had never been afraid of creatures that hid in the dark. They were her friends, offering to hide her from the scarier savages that called daylight their home. Yet lately even the dark had betrayed her, allowing fear to settle and grow rather than shield her from it.
There was a crack of thunder, followed sejak an...
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posted by Robin_Love
I'm not what anyone would consider normal. For many different reasons. For one, I don't know a thing about my parents. At all. Second, I'm part cat. But I also have wings. I can do thing with shadows. Fourth, I have the ability to be Batman. Uh..I mean I have the skill and talent and such. But the most immediate thing you'll see is blue. I have blue eyes. And hair! I'm so far from normal I'm off the charts. I don't really mind too much. I've dealt with trials no kid should have to deal with. I'm not sure who I am have the time atau if things will get better one day; all I do is alih forward....
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posted by FangYJ
Fang opened his eyes to a pair of black combat boots, 
"Wake up Fang." Seraphs picked Fang up sejak his baju and sat on him on the edge of the boat. Fang looked at him sleepily and glanced down and the ropes around his wrist and ankles. 
"What did anda do?" 
"Nothing. Yet." Seraphs smirked and shoved Fang off the side. 

Scott sat at his piano, presses Rawak keys, seeing which ones rang into a series of melodic tunes. 
"Nope" Scott leafed through some sheet music. "Hm....whats this?" He smiled and looked at Mel out of the corner of his eye, he sat down and let his fingers glide across the keys. ...
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posted by SilverWings13
Name: Noëlle Aleksavina D'Ange
Reason atau meaning of name: Noëlle because I was born on Christmas, Aleksavina because my real dad's name is Aleksander, and D'Ange is my uncle's (adoptive father's) last name
Eye Color: sky blue
Hair Style/Color: dark brown and very, very, very curly
Height: 4' 11"
Clothing Style: pastel colors; dresses atau blouse/jean comobos
Best Physical Feature: Aunt Ary says my hair is the most beautiful she's ever seen!

Your Fears: I don't like the dark
Your Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate chip lempeng, penkek for breakfast!
Your Biggest Pet Peeve:...
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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Minkabh Lyons
Alias: Anubis
Powers: power over canines; a “death” trance; skilled combat
Occupation: Villain
Weakness/Limits: Unknown
History: Minkabh was born and raised sejak the Nile. He lived in the early years of Cleopatra's reign. When he was young, he was taken from his utama and tortured sejak the Roman soldiers that invaded his home. He was granted immortality and the power of Anubis sejak the god of death himself. He made his escape with several deaths and many threats. Minkabh grew, never looking older than seven-teen. His looks changed as the death god did, and so did his powers. He...
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posted by KatRox1
Alaska Howard. But I’d rather be called Allie. atau A… A works, too.

I just turned 21, my birthday was on October 1.

Yeah, I got so wasted… Worth it, though.

Species… I was human up until, like, 3 months ago. Hint, hint, dumbasses.

Eye color, blue. Hair color, brown- and a curly mess.

I’m 5’ 6” and weigh 129.

I drive a red 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda, my pride and joy.

I got it my sophomore tahun in high school with prize money I got from an essay contest. My dad and I built it up throughout my junior year, and after he became paralyzed I finished it up my senior year.

I don’t have any siblings,...
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