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Deals After Midnight

Only pools of moonlight streaming down from the clerestory windows offered guidance down the long hallway. Callaghan's boots clicked loudly against the polished floors, making him tense at every step. He nearly jumped out of his skin at the whisper of air that signaled movement to his right.
"Fancy meetin' anda here," purred the feral cat that had materialized sejak his aide.
"What do anda want, Casey?"
"I just wanted to ensure my kegemaran big brother returned with his prize...which I see anda have not."
Callaghan stopped abruptly at the pleased tone. He turned a glare down at the thin, younger man at his side. The scrutinized brother raised in chin as if that could make up for his lack in height. The carefully slicked back hair black as oil to match the carefully pressed button up baju tucked into ironed slacks. All to make up for the ghoulish hati, tengah-tengah that rested in the young warlock's chest.
"What's that?" Casey asked suddenly. His burgundy red eyes, glowing in the moonlight, seemed to have only just taken in the sling, anduh keeping the other's bandaged right arm close to his chest.
"What does it look like?"
"I thought anda were taking Laelaps and the Serigala with anda for protection."
"What do anda care?"
He continued his march down the dark hall. Casey seemed to cower back into the shadows, but Cal knew the younger would remain within ear shot of the lecture he was about to receive.
On the other side of the oak doors at the end of the hall was a large room cluttered sejak lanterns and papers. Glass figurines and perfume bottles shared shelf angkasa with thick volumes and journals. The meja was worse. The oak surface, cut from the same pokok as the doors, was cluttered with pens and papers atop an unfolded map of the Eastern hemisphere.
The first thing Callaghan noticed upon entrance was the occupant of the velvet duvet against the western wall. Her zaitun skin shone in the soft lantern light like oil atau sweat. That body was completely bare aside from black ink Tatu and a variety of twinkling earrings. A ruby adorned each plump breast to draw attention there. The woman winked at Callaghan over her long stem pipe. The young man attempted to ignore the entertainer as he faced the man who had summoned him as soon as he had returned from him quest to Italy.
"Must I really demand an explanation?" the warlock sitting behind the meja inquired without lifting his eyes from his book.
"I was caught off guard, but things are under control."
"I warned anda that the mission may become dangerous. It's not my fault anda refuse to head warning." Wilhelm Magnus let his book fall onto the desk. His sleeked back hair resembled that of the sly cat that had taunted Callaghan in the hallway, except his was touched sejak grey and longer at the nape. Magnus rested his elbows on the meja and gazed at the young man before nodding to the imej on the table. They depicted bloody horrors of men and women, some cut to pieces sejak gunfire and other slices open sejak a knife. "We were right about both of them then. The same killer instincts as their father. The boy ripped right through my kegemaran mercenaries. And his sister..."
"It's my fault. I should have been lebih careful."
"Well, no worries. I'm sure you'll have the scars to remember your fault. Meanwhile Casey is eager for a turn at the princess. His methods may be...uncouth, but surely much lebih affective."
"No!" Callaghan froze at how loud his voice came out. He straightened his back and attempted to restrain himself. "I just need lebih time. The princess was interested in my offer."
"Oh yes, I can tell sejak the way she dislocated your shoulder and tore your arm open with her claws."
"You can't give her to Casey. She's just a child!"
"Then I suppose it's inappropriate for anda to get that look in your eyes when anda think of her."
Cal clenched his jaw, nostrils flaring, and turned to leave.
"You have not been dismissed, Callaghan Rurik." He stopped at the tone of the superior warlock. Wilhelm sighed and sat back in his chair. The multicolored coronation on the breast of his faded red kot was suddenly exposed, a symbol of a revolution from long ago. "Your compassion reminds me greatly of your mother. Honestly, I thought anda would have defected to return to her side sejak now, but the fact that anda haven't shows a loyalty I greatly appreciate. For that reason, anda may continue with your method a while longer. But don't take too long, atau else it'll be Casey's turn to try to...convince her."
The naked woman lounging on the sofa, kerusi panjang had grown bored of her pipe and sauntered over to drape herself across her master's lap behind the desk. Magnus's attention was immediately diverted to the beautiful harlot and waved a hand in dismissal.
Cal nodded and quickly opened the door to leave, feeling a sickness in the pit of his stomach. "Thank anda for your graciousness, father," he ground out between his clenched teeth before letting the heavy door fall shut behind him. He strode swiftly back down the dark hall. In a few feet his boots were pounding across the marble flooring as he sprinted out of the corridor, the ghastly cackle of a feral cat hot on his heels.
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