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 Drinks can be spiked in two saat
Drinks can be spiked in two seconds
Inspired sejak Cinders soapbox on this spot. This is to tunjuk anda why though.

I hail from Ireland- the unofficial drinking capital of the world. Therefore, most of my socialising centres around the pub, and the club.

Its not that I am a massive drinker, anda know, the kind that tries to suck up alcohol from the carpet following a spill, but I do drink. And I do go out.Which is why I know first hand the dangers of leaving a drink unattended.

It doesn't matter what anda are drinking, be it whiskey atau water,NEVER EVER LEAVE IT UNATTENDED.

Its really common to spike a drink with a Mickey Finn in Ireland,...
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So, these past couple months, I've picked up a few things. My story in a nutshell: I sat behind my crush in class, didn't start liking him until the last bulan atau so of school, didn't get too many chances to talk to him due to the teacher's way of running the class, and I spent those last few weeks desperately trying to befriend him.

Anyways, here are some things I've learned from the whole experience.

1. Don't EVER pass up an opportunity to talk to ANYONE you're sitting near in class (doesn't matter if it's high school, college, work, whatever), and don't EVER take a conversation for granted....
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I’m honestly getting sick and tired of listening to my best friend who is constantly bragging about how a foreign surfer dude was hitting on her at the beach. During her visit to Australia, she was at that famous pantai and apparently this “tall and muscular hunk” approached her and asked if she was single. They exchanged numbers but a few days after that, she flew back here. Since her arrival, she never heard from him again. I wish I could perahu nelayan kecil, pukulan her in the face with the truth that there was never going to be anything between them ‘cause one, they’re in a long distance situation and two, she doesn’t even know his name!
Sorry for the rant, I just really needed to get this off my chest. But if anda guys have any suggestions and Nasihat for me regarding this, that would be awesome. Thanks a bunch.
posted by RoisinKelly01
The hari before i went back to school i was in Claires Accessories. I saw a girl that im Friends with (from my school) and she was with another girl. The girl that was with her was wearing the coolest Superman bahagian, atas id ever freaking seen! I started talking to them. The girls name was Holly. She had short wavy/curly hair with tiny bits of light merah jambu here and there. I asked holly what kind of Muzik she liked. "MCR." I was smiling like an idiot! My Chemical Romance is one of my favourite bands! "Ghost Town?" "Yup!" "Green Day?" "Hell yeah!"
Holly was starting my school the seterusnya day. We were really...
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posted by knifewrench
Ok, here's my problem:

- I've been keeping The Fable Spot completely updated on the latest news on Fable 2

- There is a new user sejak the name of "Hulu" (his/her nama pengguna is even in a fancy green font)

- The video player which he/she posts his/her video from is also called "Hulu"

- This user has been reposting my video with only two kata kunci ("ign" and "hulu")and the video player is only viewable to those who live in America

This has been happening on quite a few other spots, but I feel kind of awkward about complaining to Dave about it because (judging from Hulu's fancy nama pengguna font) Hulu has probably got some agreement with Fanpop. None the less I am cheesed of at Hulu reposting my video which he/she could see were already there if he/she alih their eyes down about three inches.

Could do with some help as to what to do next.
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posted by Sephisis17
hei everyone! Recently, A soap box was added to this spot. My black life sejak user IsabellaAzuria, told us what she fells inside. Whoever, I think our problems can ne solved easly if we have help. So to help IsabellaAzuria AKA Vanessa, I'm going to dedicate this poem that I wrote about 2 months ago, to her. To tunjuk her that life has collors and it is not black.

Life is a gift
A rare one    
I got to live every second
Since the time anda are born

anda got to live it not to waste it
This is the only one anda have
There’s no re-born atau re-incarnation
If anda don’t know how to behave

Life is short
So live it good
Whatever is your mood

Don’t be shy have some fun
So your life will shine
As brighter as the sun

Sephisis17 AKA Vitor Martins
Dedicated to Vanessa
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If anda Want To Be Successful, anda Have To Do Your Own Thing
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