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I was born
though i shouldn't be
I should have died
I would have died
but i didn't

It would have been better for me to die
and leave this world behind me
it's full of liars and fear

I nearly died twice
Why didn't I?
I would feel so much better now

I would never have been betrayed
by three guys
I would never have seen my mom
lying on the floor and trying to kill herself
I would never have heard my parents
having huge arguments everyday
I would never have known what it's like
to live without money
I would never have been the daydreamer
everybody makes fun of

But then I thought god would have mercy
he sent me one...
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 Drinks can be spiked in two saat
Drinks can be spiked in two seconds
Inspired sejak Cinders soapbox on this spot. This is to tunjuk anda why though.

I hail from Ireland- the unofficial drinking capital of the world. Therefore, most of my socialising centres around the pub, and the club.

Its not that I am a massive drinker, anda know, the kind that tries to suck up alcohol from the carpet following a spill, but I do drink. And I do go out.Which is why I know first hand the dangers of leaving a drink unattended.

It doesn't matter what anda are drinking, be it whiskey atau water,NEVER EVER LEAVE IT UNATTENDED.

Its really common to spike a drink with a Mickey Finn in Ireland,...
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So, these past couple months, I've picked up a few things. My story in a nutshell: I sat behind my crush in class, didn't start liking him until the last bulan atau so of school, didn't get too many chances to talk to him due to the teacher's way of running the class, and I spent those last few weeks desperately trying to befriend him.

Anyways, here are some things I've learned from the whole experience.

1. Don't EVER pass up an opportunity to talk to ANYONE you're sitting near in class (doesn't matter if it's high school, college, work, whatever), and don't EVER take a conversation for granted....
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I wrote this a while ago, and since it seems to be nothing but a series of advice, I figured... what the hell? I think I was listening to LeAnne Womack's "I Hope anda Dance" at the time because that's what it sounds like.

When anda look up at the sky, don't do it just to see if it's raining
When anda find it is raining, don't run indoors and hide
When anda get your hopes too high, don't say you're overrated
When anda walk down sejak a river, don't be afraid to get your feet wet
When your api, kebakaran goes out, don't blame it on the wind
When anda watch the sunset, don't think the hari is over
When anda reach out to...
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*sighs* So..lately, I'm starting to think atau maybe realize that I am bisexual; I'm attracted sejak both boys and girls.

After thinking about it, there have been signs of this since I was at a young age, like around five years of age, but I never put these clues together until now.... I said, it all started at five. For some strange reason, a lot of the little kids in my kindergarten class already started having crushes on one another. There were little girls telling each other so-and-so likes anda and giggling about it, and there were boys who basically did the same thing. I can even...
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