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I didn't put the real video cause like he berkata in the video. If anda have [b]any[/b] respect for Haiwan anda shouldn't watch it.
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Source: Animal Place
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Many people give money to charities believing their money will be used to help people in need. They don't always realize that their money may instead be used to fund testing on animals. While some people believe animal testing is necessary, there are now many humane ways to learn about disease and to test medical treatments, methods that are actually lebih effective than testing on Haiwan and that do not cause pain and death to innocent creatures.
Here are just a few of the charities that currently fund testing on animals. If anda object to testing on animals, let these charities know anda cannot...
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Animal Rights and Libertarianism: My Reasoning

“Animals are mans instruments”
                 -- Kant

    Nothing is lebih disheartening to the animal lover than that of private property, the corner stone of libertarian ideology. To view life through the eyes of property can be depressing when that property feels pain. Is there a common ground? Is there a way to blend liberty with animal life? It is this particular vegetarians argument that libertarianism is the only route to that harmony, yet...
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Source: Vegan jalan
Global meat consumption has increased from under 50 million tons annually to over 200 million tons in the last 50 years. The amount of animal manure produced in the U.S. is 130 times greater than the amount of human waste. This is causing lebih environmental and health problems than ever seen before. Here are 15 good reasons to stop eating meat (or at least cut down):

Health Reasons:

1. Lower risk of cancer. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has reported that vegetarians are less likely to get cancer sejak 25 to 50 percent.

2. Lower risk of hati, tengah-tengah disease. Researchers Dr. Dean Ornish...
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Tips atau ways to help out Haiwan in your hometown!
-Help out at an Animal Shelter!
-Gather friends/family and adopt a stray dog atau cat atau even some other animal
-Treat your dog/cat atau other Haiwan well. When they do something wrong like steal Makanan from you, say "no" in a low voice INSTEAD of yelling and screaming at them. They cannot understand high pitches
-Tell your Friends to treat their Haiwan the RIGHT Way. Like no loud screaming(if u have little siblings, that's okay) atau no slapping their butts if they do ONE SMALL THING (Trust me, I know)
-When helping at an Animal Shelter, make sure your mentors know to use a fake arm to test the animal's behavior
-If anda see someone abusing their dog atau other animals, step up, take the animal away atau run straight to other help.
PLEASE! Try these out! They may help! anda knows, maybe Animal Abuse will come to a stop. Don't forget to watch Animal Planet to learn lebih about animal behavior