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Okay, so this is cringey.Even in the FIRST BOOK there are signs of star-crossed affection between Artemis and Holly!!!!
you see, holly thought that Artemis had died and was actually a bit sad, EVEN THOUGH HE JUST FLIPPIN ABDUCTED HER, and then she realized he wasn't dead and still helped his mum regain her sanity, which shows she had sympathy for him.
In the saat book, Artemis was thinking about puberty and thinking that he would start accidentally flirting with holly in a few months.....OH GOD CRINGE OUT!!
In the third book, they actually become proper friends, and Artemis says he wishes he...
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Artemis Fowl II had his eyes glued to the computer screen in his study. A video filled the whole screen. He watched Elena’s every move. He couldn’t put his finger on it but he knew that this girl was special, magical even. His eyes followed her figure as she out away her new clothes.

Just then, the door handle turned. Artemis quickly exited out of the video and pulled up a webpage about psychology. Butler walked through the doorway.

“Ah Butler,” Artemis berkata casually. “Did anda finish the background check on our new maid?” Butler nodded and handed Artemis a flash drive. Artemis plugged...
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