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OMG CAMERON i wish i could do tht but i cnt! :( at 1:39 is the funniest just saying
Cameron Boyce
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I think Cameron is sooooooo cute!!!!! I know that every girl says that they Cinta him the absolute most that is possible, but I think that that is a big over statemant. And I know that I am probably not the type of girl that he would tarikh even though we both have a birthday in May, we're both dancers, and we both Cinta to act. Haha, if anda are still Membaca this anda are probably really bored, but I dont care. Go ahead, click exit I wont mind much. But just know that if anda are one of the girls I mentioned earlier, get a life. Thanks if anda read this whole thing, I will try to write more. Thanks, bye!!!!
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anda may have seen the sebelumnya artikel and yes he is weird because I know him because my moms best friend is his aunt but that is better than boring. I am a peminat because he is my friend but Im not obssesed like some of anda lol. He is actullay very funny but he is really random! When I first met him we talked and stuff and he all the sudden is like "My freckles get me all the attention because I am carribean" and we both start cracking up (you would think it was funny if anda were there and talking to him). He sometimes snorts when he laughs wich I think is funny. It's actullay kinda cute in a little boy kinda way. He is pretty short but hes not super short. He is weird because he jokes about gross stuff with his Friends but thats what dude do lol. Typical boy :P
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