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I'm taking a history course this year, and I was supposed to write an essay on the reasons for success of Christianity. Enjoy!

Today, Kristian is one of the most wide-spread religions of the world. But its history is filled with bloodshed and violence; early Christians had to endure horrific punishments for their faith. There are many stories of martyrs being stoned to death; of Christians’ bodies being used as torches to light Roman feasts; of people being crucified, sometimes upside-down, simply because they refused to renounce Jesus Christ as their saviour. In the midst of such persecution,...
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"Have anda ever found yourself stuck in a situation that anda couldn't get out of? And not only that, but anda didn't know how to get out of. When anda need help, where do anda turn? How do anda get out? There's only one way..."
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Jesus is My Friend sejak Sonseed. Funny old 70's Muzik video that someone showed me, hope anda enjoy it.
Jesus is my friend sonseed YouTube
This is just such an amazing video; it made me want to cry.
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Josie ran.

“Maybe I made a mistake thinking you’d understand!”

“Well maybe I made a mistake
marrying you!”

She ran, not heeding the tempest that tore at her clothes nor caring where she fled to as long as it was someplace far from home. Away from the chaos of her fighting parents and the hopelessness of the choice she was faced with.

“A tumor?”

“’s pressing on your brain stem and growing very rapidly. If it isn’t taken care of soon, it will be life-threatening...the surgery, however, would cost anda your hearing... Permanently...”

Her hati, tengah-tengah pounded in time with her feet;...
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 The menyeberang, cross & The ikan - The Symbols Of Kristian
The Cross & The Fish - The Symbols Of Christianity
Happy Reformation hari everyone! Brothers and sisters, let us rejoyce for today we commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Exactly on this very day, 500 years ago, in a city of Wittenberg, Germany a certain Augustinian monk has made a history. His name was Martin Luther, and he has truly reformed the Church. It was on October 31,1517, at the eve of the All Saints' Day, atau All Hallows' hari back then to be exact, when Martin Luther has made public the proclamation of true Kristian aka the 95 Theses telah diposkan on the church door. It was the hari that has forever change the Church....
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