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I hate this tunjuk so much! It is horrible! Austin to me, acts like dumb 5 tahun old in a teen boy's body! Ally talks with no emotion WHATSOEVER, and is one of the ugliest Disney Pelakon wanita the company has EVER hired! All anda hear yabbering from Austin's mouth is "Hi! I'm Austin Moon! (wow the writers must have been REALLY creative to come up with a name like that- NOT)the overnight internet sensation! " It's so annoying! The songs are crappy, Trish is way too fat to wear the tight outfits that she wears, and what a great role model for kids! Getting fired from a new job every day! GREAT JOB DISNEY!...
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 The Mighty Ducks
The Mighty Ducks
Hi guys, I will write down some of my favourite shows on the Disney Channel since young.

The Mighty Ducks

This series was the very first that I really love, it also got me into liking hockey. Especially the real Mighty Ducks, I did not know that the animated series was based on a real life movie that has nothing like the animated series at all!


The saat series that I fell in love, considering that it is a very dark and sinister for an animated series itself. One of my favourite moments in the series was about the Hunters leading up to the Quarrymen led sejak John Castaway (formerly known...
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What is your kegemaran Disney Channel live-action show?
What is your least kegemaran Disney Channel live-action show?
What is your kegemaran Disney Channel live-action movie?
What is your least kegemaran Disney Channel live-action movie?
Who is your kegemaran Disney Channel live-action character?
Who is your least kegemaran Disney Channel live-action character?
What would anda want to happen to that character?
Do anda have an OTP?
kegemaran scene from the live-action Disney Channel show?
Do anda have an OC?
What's your least kegemaran pair?
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Proud Family episode
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