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1) Fetch it yourself jerkwad! anda threw it, why should I have to go and get it?
2) Fetch this!
3) (after licking himself) "ha ha! anda only wish anda could do that!"
4) "That whole, 'Blame your farts on me,' thing is SO not funny."
5) Bacon, Bacon, I smell Bacon, Only one thing smells like bacon and it's BACON!
6) One of these days... I'll catch that $%#& Squirel
7) Who's the b*tch now?
8) What is the air-speed velocity of an unlden swallow?
9) Hey, zipperhead, clean my water dish and I won't drink from the toilet.
10) Why dont anda fetch your own newspaper!?
11) Dude, that Evil Lawn Gnome is creeping...
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@MsMojo...Even cat owners will adore the dog breeds that have the CUTEST puppies. Our countdown includes Beagle, Dachshund, Pug, and more! Which dog breed do anda think has the cutest puppies?
bahagian, atas 20
cutest dog breeds
ms mojo
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