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I thought my nightmare came alive
But thank goodness anda survived
Cause if anda didn't do that
I think I'd have a hati, tengah-tengah attack

Dr Blowhole you're my bad guy
A young lumba-lumba, ikan lumba-lumba with a robot eye
You drive a Segway everywhere
But one night anda were in my nightmare
The penguins hurt you
So bad anda couldn't get up
I tried to save you
But the penguins turned on the self destruct

And then, they pulled me out of there
Leaving my villain on the floor
Yes you, couldn't make it out and anda died in the crash

The lair blooooooOOOOOOoooowed
Moment after that anda never shooooooooOOOOOOOooowed
I thought my nightmare came...
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I was about 10 years old in lumba-lumba, ikan lumba-lumba years, however I was like; 4.. In real human years. This was in 1981. I remember ALOT. Even though i'm 33 years old, getting older, I have to tell anda alot. I have never really met Dr. Blowhole. I would like to, but I don't think I could. I can't stand the north. Otherwise, here's my story.

It has happened in 1981, November 21. I remember it, as if it were yesterday. Well, here goes my story.

Shamrock: Hey, Jack. The trainer wants you; for something.. I don't know of anything she needs anda for, however.

Me: Well, alright. I guess I will go.

Trainer: There you...
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Doris and Dr.Blowhole are in love! Enjoy! ( This was me when i met Blowhole, I'm Doris but now.. I'm Mrs.Blowhole!
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Dr Blowhole sings Slipping from Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog.
dr blowhole
dr horrible
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24th February 2007

"Wake up men! Today we are expecting a call from Manfredi and Johnson! They saw a crime happen last night to an animal trainer! But first lets eat!" After skipper berkata that they went up to wait for Alice to bring the fish. Then Rico berkata "FISH" Kowalski came up with a frown. "Kowalski, don't tell me your still sad about Doris! Just get over here! She is just not in to you! Now be happy, that's an order!" " Skipper I just need some time to be alone, I need to think what I must do to get Doris to like me! I shall go and talk to her again today! " berkata Kowalski in a happy voice....
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