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This section of my Fanpop User Guide describes how to create a club on Fanpop, and was last substantively edited on 4 June 2013.

Covered in this article:
Determining need
Creating a club

Determining need
So, anda are a peminat of some topic and want to post a bunch of pautan for it, right? Before anda create a club for it, anda need to make sure that there isn't already a club that covers that territory. Duplicate Kelab get reported and may eventually be removed from the site, so this is important: always perform a thorough search for your topic before anda create a new club!


At least two searches should...
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A quick little guide to customizing your poop oot!

What is this pop-out anda speak of?

The pop-out button is on the left side of your screen and provides access to your kegemaran Kelab at all times. This way anda don't have to go to your profil atau use the cari to navigate between clubs. HA HA kidding..I know nobody ever uses the search!

 May 2011: The pop-out is introduced
May 2011: The pop-out is introduced

By default your poop-out will have your most active Kelab displayed for easy access.

 My most active clubs- though I am not a peminat of all of them
My most active clubs- though I am not a peminat of all of them

How are the Kelab shown selected?

Your most active Kelab are in your pop-oot...
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posted by Mallory101
Some of anda may have joined Fanpop and are new and really don't know much about it. Well, of course Fanpop is a fun place to sertai peminat Kelab of pretty much any thing anda like. Many people Cinta Fanpop and it's really hard to not to like it. So when your joining Fanpop stay on a bit and just go to your fave spot and just chill answering picks and videos.

Since there are alot of people on Fanpop anda may go to someones profil and wonder what something is like a prop. It will take a little time until anda get a prop (s) but until then just add videos,picks,pictures,quiz questions,links,forums atau articles...
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Fanpop is a awesome website that's lots of fun. This place has several talented people. This is about the Fanpop members that I recommend the most. I hope anda check out their work.


Rupsa is a girl who's a big Anime fan. She has made some reviews about Anime shows. She's a very talented writer. I think anda should check out her reviews. She has plenty of fans, but that doesn't mean she can't have lebih so I recommend becoming her newest fan.


RainSoul is another Anime peminat who's reviewed some Anime songs. She's a good writer. Also she's a very nice person. She also has plenty of fans,...
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posted by TeeMarie15
hello everyone on Fanpop! TeeMarie15 here & all my life, I have dreamed of becoming a published writer and make millions sejak selling & publishing my books! I fell in Cinta with the 50 Shades Of Gray series sejak EL James and I wanted to write my own romantic trilogy.

I found a publisher in New England that I really want to use! If anyone wants to send me ideas that anda think would make a good book, post on my dinding and I will take it into consideration!

Have a fantastic day!!

Warmest Regards,

 soalan 7..Where can I find the FAQs?
Question 7..Where can I find the FAQs?
Basically this will be a collection of all the picks asking "HOW DO I- insert basic function here ?" (usually with the options IDK and PLZ tell me in commentz) and my short answer to these inquiries. Now that we have the new jawapan feature they are usually telah diposkan as an answer request but still repeated endlessly.
I usually lapor these kind of picks/answers and they get deleted as they are effectively spam. The drawback is: all information users leave in the komen-komen is lost.

link seems to only be used sejak a limited number of peminat-peminat and though I use it frequently I hate how all information is...
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posted by Angel
...OMG PORN! No, just kidding. I wanted anda to click this article.

We all know (or at least I hope we know) that Fanpop is a porn-free, happy, rainbow-colored PG-13 land. (whether anda like it atau not is not the topic of discussion here - we shall accept it as it is)
What's great is that we can still manage to have a sex spot and a breast spot which are clean. No pictures of nipples, no porn gifs, no hardcore anal porn videos.

Now what's the bad part?
I've seen it rather often lately that some user just mentioned words like "porn" atau "nudity" and a very angry mob of users was ready to drown...
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This part of my Fanpop User Guide describes some of the basics of using the site, and was last substantively edited on 19 December 2007.

Covered in this article:
Finding spots
Fans of spots and users

Finding a spot
There are three primary ways to find spots that fit your interests, which is really the whole point of the site.
The first (examples are marked with "1" in the illustration) is sejak Membaca the lists on the main page of the site ('fanpop home'): it's entirely possible that some content displayed there is of interest to you, whether it be a spotlit spot,...
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posted by harold
So, you've found Fanpop, are at least intrigued sejak what you've seen, and want more. So, now what?

First of all, if anda haven't already, anda will want to link for the following reasons:

1)Spots: once you've registered and logged in, anda can create a personalized senarai of spots that match your unique interests. In addition, if anda can't find the spot that fits you, anda can create your own!

2)Ratings: Rating the content on Fanpop is the engine that drives the site, and anda can only rate things once you've registered and logged in.

3)Picks: Only logged-in users can answer any of the soalan on the...
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posted by Genevievebarbie
Here's a senarai of all the Kelab that I made ever since I joined fanpop. anda can sertai them if anda are interested in it atau want to expand it. Or, anda can let others know!

1. link : The adorable pets of the Barbie movies.
2. link : The prince charmings of the Barbie Filem (and kings) !πŸ‘‘πŸ€΄πŸ»
3. link : The Indian blockbuster Bollywood Dhoom Series starring Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra.

My personal club that my friend Jessowey made for me : link : This club is mostly for Princess Genevieve from Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses, but sometimes it is also for my birthday wishes (thank you...
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posted by Cinders
 If I was cool, I would say where this image came from here
If I was cool, I would say where this image came from here
This is a forgery. Every single word is plagiarized. (1)

What is Plagiarism?
Many people think of plagiarism as copying another's work, atau borrowing someone else's original ideas. But terms like "copying" and "borrowing" can disguise the seriousness of the offense:

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, to "plagiarize" means

1. to steal and pass off (the ideas atau words of another) as one's own
2. to use (another's production) without crediting the source
3. to commit literary theft
4. to present as new and original an idea atau product derived from an existing source.

In other words, plagiarism...
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posted by Genevievebarbie
Hi again everyone! Welcome to another Fanpop User Guide article! This artikel will help anda understand the steps to do things on fanpop. link gave a brief huraian of everything on fanpop. I have telah diberi pautan to other people's artikel-artikel as well, for a lebih detailed explanation.


β€’ imej :
Step 1 : Download image(s).
Step 2 : Click 'Add image'.
Step 3 : Name the image and select...
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