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added by Cinderellafan12
Of course these user-names may already be taken. If so, then just add a number/nickname on the end. atau anda can take some words, re-arrange and improvise:)
The ones with the * beside them are my favourites:)
Enjoy x
WoundedNight *
BloodyMascara *
BrokenAngel *
SoullessAngel *
HeartfeltSorrow *
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posted by Crazy-Chica
Heyy Fanpoppers! I decided to make this soapbox for people who need moto ideas! Enjoy!


1. And the People who touch your heart, are always with you

2. Me & Him! [I wish]

3. Deep inside the corner of my mind, Im attached to you...

4. I know its hard for us to be together but I do understand its harder to live without one another. I just want to let anda know that even though we cant be together we will never be apart, because the Cinta that I have for anda will always grow stronger as I live...

5. Cant anda feel my hati, tengah-tengah beat slow, I cant let anda go... I want to in my life...

6. He is the only...
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This section of my Fanpop User Guide describes how to create a club on Fanpop, and was last substantively edited on 4 June 2013.

Covered in this article:
Determining need
Creating a club

Determining need
So, anda are a peminat of some topic and want to post a bunch of pautan for it, right? Before anda create a club for it, anda need to make sure that there isn't already a club that covers that territory. Duplicate Kelab get reported and may eventually be removed from the site, so this is important: always perform a thorough search for your topic before anda create a new club!


At least two searches should...
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[note: when I first made this artikel "clubs" were called "spots" so just imagine anything that says "spot" actually says "club" ;)]

Well it seems like people are always asking how so here is a step sejak step guide on how to with images, yay! (there is a little thing in the faq but people seem to relate to imej better)

Step 1: Make sure anda are on the Fanpop main page

Step 2: cari for the spot first so there are no duplicates (if not then go back to the main page)

Step 3: Scroll down till anda see this image and click "create new spot"

Step 4: Type in the name of the spot...
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added by GALAXYMAX43
posted by dontmindmeyo
This is a cute idea, why not sertai in? If nobody minds, of course,,

How long have anda been on Fanpop?
I joined FP in 2011 under a different account. Shit happens, I end up not being allowed to go online anymore sejak my parents. Flash to a few years later. I figure "What's the harm in making an account again? It's not like I'll be on it much." since yeah I have no idea what my old kata laluan was. Damn was I wrong.

Which club are anda most active on?
Probably the Anime Spot. Recently I've been taking long, unannounced breaks from here, but before then I was extremely active on the Dangan Ronpa spot.

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posted by glelsey
This is an idea that link came up with a while back. anda can read the original artikel with her own responses link.

Anyway... here goes!

1. How long have anda been on Fanpop?
Four years.

2. Which club are anda most active on?
That's a difficult question. Probably the link club, as I've made a lot of contributions and responses there, but I also feel like I spend quite a lot of time on the link, link, and link Kelab too.

3. Which club is your favorite?
Another tough one! I am tempted to say the link club, because I've found some great submissions on there from other users, and enjoy contributing to the...
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Duplicate imej tend to really bother me in certain spots, and I’ve observed that I’m far from the only one. I know it’s difficult sometimes to know if an image has been uploaded into a spot atau not when there are 999,483,937 uploads, especially when they’re lacking in the kata kunci department.

Google has this nice new feature called a Reverse Image Search. With a reverse image search, anda are able to muat naik atau link an image into the cari bar and you’ll be telah diberi a senarai of web pages containing your selected image.

(I’m about to walk anda through the steps. I’ll be using a picture...
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 Tip No. 2 in action!
Tip No. 2 in action!
Have anda ever wanted to act like a total jerk on Fanpop? Piss people off, lose your fans, drive everyone crazy, and maybe even get banned, anda just weren’t sure how? Here’s a handy guide on how to do exactly that!

1. Disrespect other people’s opinions. Yeah, anda think that band XYZ sucks and anda wouldn’t touch one of their CD’s with a ten-foot pole, and you’re going to assume that everyone on the planet shares your sentiment. Who cares if some people might not appreciate anda going on about how the lead singer looks like a bald gorilla and sings like a cat throwing up? They should...
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posted by want2watcheroes
This doesn't apply to all of anda and i respect everyones views, however i feel that some users just moan at any little change even if its good and some users saying they preferred Fanpop beta. I know that there hasn't been much change but the users against change is the reason why.

Why do some users hate change? They think its against the 'spirit' of fanpop, they're scared that it will turn Fanpop into myspace; Them reasons make me laugh. One, what the hell do anda mean against the spirit! Fanpops not christmas. Two, how the hell could Fanpop possible turn into myspace with all the awesome spots?

 Emotes Are Fun & Useful
Emotes Are Fun & Useful

How can anda not Cinta the emotes? It makes it easier to see how the user are talking, it makes the komen-komen lebih creative and there just fun. The speech bubble is good to, less boring then the komen-komen before.

I'm sure this artikel will get a bad rating, but i just needed to say this.
posted by Mallory101
Some of anda may have joined Fanpop and are new and really don't know much about it. Well, of course Fanpop is a fun place to sertai peminat Kelab of pretty much any thing anda like. Many people Cinta Fanpop and it's really hard to not to like it. So when your joining Fanpop stay on a bit and just go to your fave spot and just chill answering picks and videos.

Since there are alot of people on Fanpop anda may go to someones profil and wonder what something is like a prop. It will take a little time until anda get a prop (s) but until then just add videos,picks,pictures,quiz questions,links,forums atau articles...
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posted by Cinders
 Just a few of the hundreds
Just a few of the hundreds
After creating my link spot and noting the severe lack of members, curiosity got me to searching for spots on Fanpop that only had a single member (generally, their creator).

I came across spots that were months old and still only had a single member such as Chel's link spot, harold's link spot, atau berly's link spot. And I thought to myself, these spots were created to meet other peminat-peminat and yet there appeared to be no other peminat-peminat of these topics on all of fanpop? Ridiculous! Or... maybe it's true.

Some of the one-fan spots seemed very obscure (to me, at least), so it's quite possible that there...
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posted by Snerkie
Right, I have been thinking about this. I have been thinking about certain things on Fanpop recently and as much as I Cinta this place there are certain things that irk me.

Hate Spots
I've seen spots that are about hating a certain thing. I thought this place was lebih about sharing things we enjoy so we can give each other images, links, videos, etc not "oh I hate this and this and this". It doesn't make anything friendly.

Me Me Me Spots
I mean no offence to anyone that has these kinds of spots and has created them but Fanpop isn't MySpace atau any of those other social networks. It's a different...
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posted by ShadowxSonicd45
Fanpop now has a Twitter Page in case anda needed lebih pop to your fan.~💜💙🐦

Link = link

It has reached over 12 hundred followers already!~<3