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Two weeks later.

Serena and Nate had been to makan malam, majlis makan malam at the bass house and they had all been really happy about how excited Serena was about the foto shoot she had been to for fashion week. Blair had also been excited when filling Serena and Nate in on how well the business had been doing.

She had made a portfolio of her new line SideKick with Jenny's help and was excited when Serena berkata she could model the line for her when they were ready. That would be great publicity. Nate and Chuck had spoken politics and fantasized about Nate becoming president one day, which was actually quite a possibility....
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Getting There

A/N: So sorry guys for the lateness of this chapter, I've just been really busy and it's been really hot here the past week and it's just impossible to do anything, And I've been working on some art projects too so that's why it's late. Anyway I hope anda enjoy this chapter, and to say thanks to everyone who reviewed so far, thanks and please keep commenting, I really appreciate it. Thank anda xoxo

Rating: K+

Copyright: I own Nothing, Apart from my original characters.

Story Type: Multi Chapter

Published: 1st July 2009

Main Character: Blair Waldorf

Characters: Chuck Bass, Dan Humphrey,...
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 Gossip Girl Season 1
Gossip Girl Season 1
The following is my review of Gossip Girl Season One, I will be posting a saat part for Season 2 once Season 2 finishes! hope anda like it, make sure to komen-komen and leave your thoughts!


I've loved Gossip Girl right from go and i've been totally obsessed with it from the moment Kristen loceng said, "You Know anda Cinta Me" for the very first time. I've even found myself Penulisan peminat fiction as i've always had a burning passion for Penulisan movie scripts, so combining my two passions together and there anda have it...Gossip Girl fanfic!


So im going to try and be as neutral...
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