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lovedeath26 posted on Apr 29, 2009 at 08:16PM
My happy place
I wake up in a dark cold room. It takes me a few minutes to grasp that this is my room. I wait for some one to come and get me but nothing. No email, no text, no call, not anything. It looks like every one has forgotten me for today. I decide to go to the next room, it is the same room as before. I keep running through all the rooms but they are all the same. At one point I see a TV. with two buttons under it. One says gun and the other poison. I hit the gun button under the TV it shows were it is. It is on the table in the next room. I put the gun to my head and I cock it. At that point I realize that I am like a lab rat being poked and being cut to see what makes me tick. I think of all the people who love me, my family, they don’t like me they despise me. My friends, phh, what friends they are loser’s like me that no one likes. With cut’s on my wrist’s and all dressed in black I pull the trigger, click.
I wake up, the sun is in my face. Maybe next time I can have a bullet.

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