House M.D. THE GANG GOES....bowling?

Pick one:
House*cracks knuckles*"This is between me.....and chase"
Cuddy-"The hari I wear those shoes is the hari I wear a baggy turtlneck in public"
Wilson-*preens and feels spiffy in his new bowling shirt*
"I'm losing and i'm pretending to not care. Even though I actually care deeply
Cameron-*drools*"Chase is HOT when he's bowling"
Chase-*straps on his bowling gloves* "Lock and load, baby!"
Taub- *drops ball on his toe* "I've never bowled before...."
13-&# 34; Actually, bowlings not really my THING&# 34;* sings...
13-"Actually, bowlings not really my THING"*sings kareoke*
 cheery_blossom posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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