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posted by elsafan1010
This is an artikel for roleplay! So if anda Cinta roleplay and ice cream, make sure to read it!

Its a hot, super hot day. You're in the garden and anda really want ice cream. anda call your mom to bring anda ice cream but she says all the ice cream at utama is finished so anda decide to go to a ice cream shop.

An Ice cream shop
anda come in. This place is already refreshing. I saw anda aahhahaha! Come here and get some ice cream. anda come.

"What flavors anda got?" anda ask.

"Welcome to our ice cream shop! We've got a lot of flavors! We have.."

[i]Here's the list[i]
- strawberi
- Chocolate
- Vanilla
- Milk
- Pistachio
- Banana
- Raspberry
- Caramel
- Blueberry
- Oreo
- Pineapple
- mangga
- Orange
- Cherry
- kacang, kacang tanah Butter
- Peppermint
- Blue moon
- Apple

Out of these flavors anda can pick three and get your ice cream! komen to choose three of them!
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We Cinta this dessert. It is perfect for a little afternoon snack atau for a special occasion. It is rich, sweet and healthy.

Sure, really healthy! Ice cream is made from susu and has protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. It gives anda an energy boost. It is the perfect pick-me-up when anda are studying and cools anda off in the summer heat.

Ice cream is our kegemaran summer food. And while it is healthy, it should be eaten in moderation. If not, like anything, it can go from being healthy to being unhealthy.

And don't worry if anda can't eat dairy atau sugar. There are ice creams for everyone. Sorbet does not have susu atau dairy in it, and there are special ice creams at the ice cream kedai that come without sugar. So there is no reason not to eat ice cream!

In winter anda can also eat ice cream, but it is not as popular as in the summer, for sure. In the winter try a scoop of vanilla with a cup of hot Chocolate atau ice cream over a hot brownie.
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posted by elsafan1010
I just joined this club but I have always been the biggest ice cream fan. Ice cream always drives me away from the bad stuff, with that great cold taste. I Cinta all kinds of ice cream, Cornetto, sweet, unsweetened, chocolate, plain, vanilla. But my kegemaran ice cream is the sugar free goat susu ice cream. No sugar in it but still very sweet and wonderful.

Ice cream is undoubtedly the best dessert..

Some ice cream facts:

1- The most popular type of ice cream is Chocolate ice cream, followed sejak vanilla ice cream.

2- Ice cream is the most beloved Pencuci Mulut throughout the world. It is one Makanan item that we can eat even when we are full (and we mostly do eat it when we are full). It not only refreshes us, but also brings a smile to our faces. Right from classic vanilla to the lebih sophisticated new flavors, ice cream 'screams' fun.
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