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kim hyun joong freaks.
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1.He is really realistic and has an economic mind
2.He gets nervous when he has to do karaoke
3.He is shy around people he doesn't know
4.He is very competitive
5.He is very conservative - hi doesn't like his girlfriend wearing revealing clothes
6.He memorizes phone numbers he uses the most
7.He wears contact lenses
8.When he is under stress: 1. he goes fishing, 2. listens to music, 3. meets his Friends atau 4. relaxes over whisky
9.He cannot stand doing nothing (= he always has to do something so that he won't feel like it was a waste of time)
10.He is really serious when it comes to work
11.He always...
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 The boys and in the middle: HYUN JOONG!
The boys and in the middle: HYUN JOONG!
[News] SS501 New Mini Album ‘REBIRTH’ foto Revealed

Group SS501’s new mini album foto was revealed.

Album jaket foto of SS501’s upcoming mini album ‘REBIRTH’ to be released on 20-Oct, was released first on 12-Oct.

Though SS501 collection album which consists of members’ solo songs was released in June, this has been 1 tahun 7 months since all 5 members come together for an album release.

This album jaket foto that was released this time shows SS501’s masculine smexiness and intensiveness with their dark smoky make-up. A wide variety of foto-foto were also included displaying their...
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English Translation:
Yeah, Ciuman kiss

Like a long dream, like a star, I waited for you
No one else in this world, nothing’s better

The leisure of a cup of coffee
The steps leading me towards you
Are all joys I’ve become familiar with
This isn’t me
I’ve never been this way before
It’s because it’s you

Oh, I won’t stop
I’m loving you
So we can draw a dream of lasting color
To Cinta with you
Only anda can provide this magic for us

Kiss kiss
I want your Ciuman kiss
Sweet Ciuman kiss
Oh, baby, baby
I wanna Ciuman kiss
I need your Ciuman kiss
Just the two of us, Ciuman kiss
Oh, baby, baby

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English Translation:

The painful memories
It’s not easy to close my eyes and relive those days

I would rather cover it up like it never happened
But the flowing tears stop me

I try to say your name
But it’s a Cinta that I can’t touch
I fearlessly run and hold onto you

I became a fool
I’m in pain because of you
I try to erase it but I’m still the same

Looking Back
Looking Back
I still don’t know

Where anda At
Where anda At
Time passes
But my Cinta doesn’t change
It’s OK

Always sejak my side is your story
I took it out again, your story
Even when time passes, it’s only you
Won’t anda come back...
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English Translation:


Mic check 1,2

Let Me Clear My Throat

Let Me Get This Ready

3, 2, 1,

Let’s Go

Hey It feels great

Today is perfect

But it feels it’s going to get bigger

Let’s get it

Hey I’m feeling great

That familiar flash light shining on me

Let’s get it

You know the way I do it

Let’s play around here a little more

Sorry for that

Let’s have some lebih fun starting from now

Because today I’m the lucky guy hey

High, High, High, High

Everyone jump in the sky

Shake It, Shake It,

Shake Shake It, Shake It, hey

High, High, High, High

Forgets everything in the sky

Shake It, Shake It,

Shake Shake It,...
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