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hei all, after completing one of my stories on StoryWriter titled Kingdom Hearts: Endgame, i thought i'd senarai all of the Named Victims that were both snapped off and on screen during the events of Kingdom Hearts: Death sejak Snap
Bear with me as it is going to be a long senarai that includes all the canon 2018 MCU snap deaths as well as the snap deaths that occurred during Kingdom Hearts: Death sejak Snap so as anda can imagine there is a very long senarai of named victims ahead so i hope anda enjoy.
Adorabeezle Winterpop
Agustin Madrigal
Anne Boonchuy
Andre Wilson
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Since her theme and everything about her basically is really sad, be warned, anda might shed a few tears. bluerozez is amazing for making the lyrics.
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Axel and Roxas had witnessed this, and took advantage of a partially worn out Riku. Roxas was the distraction this time around, he then confronted Riku. Riku knew he had to win fast if he wanted to win at all. Roxas had managed to easily get the tired boy onto the ground sat on his legs as Axel came out put his legs on Riku’s arms and grabbed the red waistband. Not too long after anda heard “Ugh.” from Riku, and the briefs came off. Riku signed, and followed after Sora to turn his point in, and change.

Cloud had changed into a new pair of underwear, and then he decided to go find Leon....
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1. It's perfect for ALL ages.

2. It's cheap.

3. It has the best graphics for all the systems it has been on. (except GBA, and GBA sucks)

4. Some of the best villians ever made are in it. (Organization XIII, Malificent, Chernabog, etc.)

5. Some of the best Heroes and heroines ever. (King Mickey, Axel, Xion, Aqua, Auron, Mulan, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, etc.)

6. Epic gameplay that is well-rounded. (meaning an experienced gamer and a beginner can both enjoy it)

7. Storyline that makes sense and hits anda at the core.

8. The music. No further explanation to that.

9. It's a crossover game NO ONE thought would...
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