Leyton Family<3 {Copying! 21-30} My bahagian, atas 50 female characters and the members that remind me of them. Which do anda agree with the most?

Pick one:
21) Cosima Niehaus {Orphan Black}-Holly♥
22) Helena {Orphan Black}-Holly♥
23) Piper Halliwell -Nic & Aline♥
24) Joss Carver -Holly♥
25)Marissa Cooper {The OC}-Bee♥
26) Kenna de Poitiers -Fatemeh♥
27) Cassie Ainsworth {Skins UK}-Nic♥
28) Eff Stonem {Skins UK}-Bee♥
29) Mariana Foster {The Fosters}-Holly♥
30) Mary Stuart - Atie & Nad♥
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