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This story is about Tails before he met Sonic.
WARNING:this story is quite sad so dont read it if anda dont want to feel sad.
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" Aww man! I hope someone at least put something uneaten in the trash can today. I'm starving." Complained the two tailed fox as he walked toward the park on Westside Island. He has been wondering this island for two years after he was thrown out of the orphanage. He was confused why the house keeper lady didn't like the fact that he had intruded on her. Miles saw the lady half-naked on bahagian, atas of some guy. He didn't know what...
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 tails yummy pie
tails yummy pie
tails:well umm do anda want to go on a date
me:date wat daaa naw im too busy
tails:you dont look like it your in an arcade
me:cause well umm well tails the truth is i dont like you
me:dont take it seorously but im still your friend man,rats.
tails: (runs)
me:im going utama what a drag
me:man up tails!!!!

when tails gOt home
tails mom lays a big pie on the meja, jadual for tails to eat
tails mom opens the door
mrs prower: tails its a girl at the door for you
tails:oh my gawd
tails fixes his self up he runs to the door
tails:oh its just anda ,fabulous
me:nice do anda want to meet a...
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