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Clawdeen And Draclaura
(OK, for ONE. I know Clawdeen and Draclaura are not dating, TWO, if anda do not like fanfics that put two characters to be in Cinta who are NOT in the original stories, atau are not fond of girl and girl relationships then DO NOT READ. Simple as that, and if anda do like these stories then I hope anda enjoy. I'm new at the Monster High franchise so if I get things mixed up please don't act like your two and be all in my face about it. I wrote this because I was bored and also because Clawdeen and Draclaura are my kegemaran Monster High chicks. They....
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Frankie Stein (voiced sejak Kate Higgins) is the sixteen-day-old daughter(three-year-old as of date) of Frankenstein's Monster and his bride. She has waist-length black and white hair and has heterochromia (her right eye is blue and her left one is green). Frankie's fashion style is preppy, which usually revolves mostly around plaid prints (including lightning bolts) and schoolgirl style. In "Miss Infearmation," Frankie has developed a crush on Jackson, unconcerned that he is a normie. However, in the seterusnya episode, "Hyde and Shriek," she is blushing near Holt. After the stress both...
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Authors Note~ hei guys it's me again with chapter 2 I hope anda enjoy Membaca it as much as I enjoyed Penulisan it. I does have PG-13 themes and other stuff like that so thanks for checking it out  This chapter is mostly HeathXAbbey but it does have Draculara , Spectra , Val and Toralei , and Ending with Cleo and Deuce also , again hope anda like it~Cali <3


The orange were-cat rose as she looked at the bright green stone in her palms that Valentine had brought her. 

"Good job Valentine maybe anda will serve up to your quest." She smirked still looking at the...
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Draculaura is the daughter of Count Dracula.
She is 1,599 years old with black and merah jambu hair. Draculaura is a vegan vampire who abstains from drinking blood and eating meat; in fact, the mere mention of the word "blood" causes her to faint. Draculaura's taste in fashion is influenced sejak the Japanese Lolita style, and is typically in shades of merah jambu and black.
She has had many crushes in the short while the franchise has been out, but her current boyfriend is Clawd Wolf, Clawdeen's older brother.
She is a member of the Fearleading Squad with Frankie, Clawdeen, and Cleo.
She has a pet bat named Count Fabulous. Draculaura is voiced sejak Debi Derryberry.

Hehe, bye!!! Hope anda enjoyed!!!
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