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hei everyone here is one of my AbbeyXHeath Oneshots that I promised to everyone out there on Fanpop :) So I hope anda enjoy it ~ Cali <3

Abbey awoke in the middle of her sleep unable to do so anymore because of the horrid dream she just went through . 

She looked down at her arm as it was wet and looked slightly melted probably from her sweating because of the dream. 

It was pitch dark in the kabin that she was staying in at Camp Spookie as an counselor that Headmistress Bloodgood had sighed her up to do.

She looked around as she seen Spectra sleeping soundly in her katil below Abbey and Operetta...
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Morning had come, and Purrsephone was still in her birthday suit,sleeping soundly and peacefully,never had she ever had a sleep this good,she felt the sun beam on her eyes,opening them,she sat up and stretched out for the new day,"Ahhh" She yawned,"Manster that was a good sleep",She got out of her katil and made for the kitchen,not bothering to put something on,she greetd her parents good morning,and went to the pantry for some cereal.Unbeknownst to her,her sister Meowlody came into the dapur a saat later,and to Meowlodys shock,she saw her sister was eating breakfast in the nude."JUMPING...
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It was a cool friday night and draculaura was meeting Cleo at her house because Cleo had a surprise for her.I wonder what the surprise is Draculaura wonderd as she walked in the secret entrance. Draculaura heard moans as she walked in. Hello? Anyone here Draculaura asked.
Draculaura come in dea4 Cleo hissed. On the large Queen sized katil Cleo was laying naked with in a box kn her katil was: a vibrator didlos a 99.99cm (9754.98 wide) square and segitiga, segi tiga masturbation toy and a stick. Cleo what are these for? Draculaura asked tonight were gonna have fun dearie Cleo hissed. Cleo pulled a leaver and...
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