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Continuing from : FADE OUT ...End of chapter 12

"Two steps to your left, and jump straight forward, hard. I'll catch you."
"I'll catch you," he whispered into the dark. "Jump."
She took two running steps and before she could let herself think about what she was doing, dug in her toes and leaped forward.

She felt the air glide across her skin for a meer saat until she felt a hard yank. Her shoe, her shoe had gotten caught. She screamed, letting out all the air in her lungs.

"Claire!" Myrnin yelled. It was the last thing she heard before she felt the cold stone floor under her and then...
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I did not write this Rachel caine did!! And i did not type this claireSalvatore did! i jst saw it and thought anda guys would like it!! And i reapeat i did not write Rachel Caine did she wrote this story and put in book full of short stories called "Immortal Cinta stories with a bite" Oh and srry this is not the whole story!

Living in West Texas is sort of like living in Hell, but without
the favorable climate and charming people. Living in Morganville,
Texas, is all that and a takeout bag of worse. I
should know. My name is Shane Collins, and I was born here, left
here, came back here—none...
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I know that this is a hot topic on the web and on here about who should play what role in the web series. but I just thought that I would give my hand at it. it is already known who is to play Amelie so that is off the meja, jadual but here Is my list.

Michael: Alex Pettyfer. This one has been berkata before and I agree. he has the Michael glass look and attitude. he would be divine.

Claire: Not really sure about this one, but I could see Sara Paxton. her work in the Halloweentown movie (The final one) was amazing.

Eve: Ksneia Solo, the actress who plays Kensi on the syfy tunjuk Lost girl would be amazing.

Shane: Steven R McQueen. he has the look.

Monica: I envisioned someone, maybe Leven Rambien from the hunger games and Percy Jackson.
The way the Glass House worked, on a practical level, was that there was schedule for the stuff that had to be done. Cooking, cleaning, fixing things, laundry. Technically, they were all on every housemate's list. In practice, though, what happened was this: the boys (Michael and Shane) bribed the girls (Eve and Claire) to do laundry, and the girls bribed the boys to fix things.

Claire glared at her new iPod -- which was actually really nice -- and put it on Rawak shuffle as she looked at the mess she'd made of her latest laundry effort. And there was the problem: she loved the hot merah jambu iPod,...
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Looking back on it later, Claire thought she should have known trouble was coming, but really, in Morganville, anything could be trouble. Your college professor doesn’t tunjuk for class? Probably got fanged sejak vampires. Takeout forgets to put onions on your hamburger? The regular bawang delivery guy disappeared – again, probably due to vampires. And so on. For a college town, Morganville had a remarkable lot of vampires.

Claire was an authority on all those subjects: Texas Prairie University, and of course, the vampires. And mysterious disappearances. She’d almost been one...
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Shane’s lips felt like velvet against the nape of her neck, and Claire shivered in delight as his breath warmed the skin there. She leaned back against him with a sigh. Her boyfriend’s body felt solid and safe, and his arms went around her, wrapping her in comfort. He was taller than she was, so he had to bend to rest his chin on her shoulder and whisper, “You sure about this?”

Claire nodded. “You got the overdue notice, didn’t you? It’s this, atau they come and collect. anda don’t want that.”

“Well, anda don’t have to be here,” he pointed out—not for the...
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Rumor Mill

"I heard that Morganville is being made into a movie. Is this true?" - Ashley

Yes and no. It's been optioned, which means that a producer is working hard to try to get a film and/or TV tunjuk off the ground. However, this is always a long and difficult process, so please, be patient. When I have news to share, I promise that I'll let anda all know!

"I heard that anda were killing off Shane in the seterusnya book." -- Courtney

Nope. That one's definitely not true.

"I heard that Claire was going to become a vampire!" -- Nicole

I'm not ruling...
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ADDITIONAL SAMPLE CHAPTERS for Ciuman OF DEATH, book 8 of the Morganville Vampires series
If anda haven’t read the first section, click here!

Jason didn't say much at dinner. In fact, he was almost completely silent, though he ate four tacos like he'd been starving for a month, and when Eve brought out ice cream for Pencuci Mulut he ate a double helping of that too.

Shane was right. The brisket was delicious in the tacos.

Eve, compensating for her brother, chattered like a murai, magpie on crack the whole time -- about dumbasses at the coffee kedai where she worked, Common Grounds; about...
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'Buffy the vampire Slayer' Alumni Amber Benson who played Wiccan Tara on the tunjuk is set to play Morganville Vampire founder Amelie. Not much is known on when the tunjuk will kickstart atau who will portray the other characters. but what is known is that she will play the leader.

Amelie is the vampire founder of the town of Morganville. she is described as being cold towards other people and often nicknamed the 'Ice Queen."

Amber Benson's Berlakon credits have been renowned and especially her role in Buffy. I truly believe that she will do an amazing job as Amelie.
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Listen up. How many of anda thought it would be cool if there were a movie atau a tv tunjuk for this book? Well, Rachel Caine is making a web tv series! Isn't that exciting? But it will only be made if they get enough funding, so everyone needs to pledge to donate some, please!!!! Here is the link to the website, go pledge! link

Listen up. How many of anda thought it would be cool if there were a movie atau a tv tunjuk for this book? Well, Rachel Caine is making a web tv series! Isn't that exciting?...
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As an extra-special thank anda to Morganville's Most Wanted, here's a special pratonton from GHOST TOWN ... one not available anywhere else!

Once again: THANK YOU. anda are the greatest readers in the world!

It was late, and they were all tired, and her head hurt. She fell asleep on the couch, and Shane finally woke her and told her to go to bed. She wanted to stay with him, but she knew she shouldn’t, not when she was trying to think, and her head hurt so badly.

She didn’t remember getting upstairs to her room, but she must...
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