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posted by akatsuki_otaku
1. Say “I’m getting sick of ramen, ingatan capaian rawak I want to eat something else.”
2. Tell Iruka sensei that he loves him.
3. sertai the Akatsuki to kill sakura because she is a bitch. ( I like this one XD )
4. Steal kakashi’s come come paradise book to look at it (porn!! Haha)
5. Ask jairiya to let him be his mini me.
6. Switch places with rock lee for a day.
8. Kill Kakashi sensei
9. Go on the ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ tunjuk and win the million dollars.
10. Get a perfect score on an IQ test.
11. Get a dog and act like kiba for the rest of his life.
12. Become Emo because ramen, ingatan capaian rawak was ‘discontinued’
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posted by akatsuki_otaku
100 things Hatake Kakashi will never be caught dead doing:

1. Not Membaca a hentai, but a substantial book.
2. Be early
3. dye his hair merah jambu and act like Sakura for a day
4. Have man sex with Iruka
5. school Jiraiya
6. play bola keranjang naked
7. win a break-dancing showdown
8. throw lemon pops instead of kunai
9. let Naruto win
10. sejak Naruto ramen
11. dress like Jiraiya and proclaim he’s gay
12. turn Super sayian
13. play Yu-Gi-oh! Cards
14. win at hopscotch
15. fight Konahamaru in a skirt
16. have man sex with Obito atau Tobi
17. use his Sharingan to slow a jogging kunoichi with big boobs
18. use his Sharingan...
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