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Years lalu in the land of the Exorsists the Trinikage was thinking to himself about the current war between his own village and The Village hidden in the shadows the land he had once ruled. Yes, Amora Akku had once ruled this land as the Shinikage because the temptation to conquer became to much for him to take making him responsible for the scars of his family as well as scars from villages he had conquered while in this leadership. His wife Chizaru and his daughter princess Amora Ming hadn't been aware of what was to come that night at the summer festival...not a clue. In fact and attack couldn't...
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*At Kanoha pre school*

Naruto:Hi.I'm Naruto Uzimaki.

Gaara:Go away.

Naruto:Wanna be friends?

Gaara:Who's paying you?Is it my father?Are anda the new assassin?

Temari:Gaara he's not an assassin.

Gaara:How do anda know?

Teamri:He's 5.

Gaara:Oh...Naruto was it?


Gaara:I am Gaara of the sand I shall exept your offer of friendship.

Naruto:Great!Wanna play?

Gaara:Very well what shall we play?

Naruto:How about we play ninja?

Gaara:I knew it!

Naruto:Knew what?

Gaara:You are the new assassin!

Naruto:What?Ninja is a game.

Gaara:Oh...Uhhhh......Who's that?

Naruto:That's Sasuke uchiha.

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sonic Friends well they was shock to see there hero
after a week no word from him
sonic add ice blue in his quills like lighting
ice blue round his zamrud, emerald green eyes
sonic arms chest tummy chest bulu like silver
ice blue wind marks on his arms legs
ice white zamrud, emerald red inhibitor rings
silver wind marks on them
emerald red ice white hover shoes
silver wind marks on them
shoes like both shadow and singe zero mix together
sonic age 15/in HIGHT 5.o/hermaphrodite
wow sonic anda look different what happen ask tails
just then shadow come over with young hedgehogs
shadow black hot red in...
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Disclaimer: Nope, don't own Naruto.

Somewhere In Time

Chapter 2- Walk With Me

I sucked in the air greedily. I had been at this new jutsu for hours. My hands were burned from my chakra, my skin tingled from the effort- the bruises covering my skin straining my muscles further from the pain.

I closed my eyes. I could feel it- the despair. Is this what killed her? Is this what guided the kunai across her throat? I opened my eyes. I could still see her. I could see her reaching out to me, the blood twisting down her pale arm, calling me, begging me to her grave to make team seven whole again.

"I have...
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This story takes place between Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. The main character is one my OCs. His name is Yondaime Hiryoko. He was named after the 4th Hokage. His parents named him that because they knew he was destined for greatness. This is his story.

I looked at the village. The village of the hidden village. It looked small from where I was. But I knew it was really big.

I heard a voice nearby, "This is our target, huh, Hidan?" berkata a tall man. who had a mask covering his face and a oddly shaped headband.

I whispered to my self, "Who...
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