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posted by SasoriLV
Chapter 3: Obito’s new Chapter

“I’m about to die,” Obito gurgled as blood began to fill his throat, “But I’ll become your eye…And we’ll see what happens…in the future…” Obito closed his eye slowly and Rin began the transplant of left Sharigan eye into Kakashi’s left eye.

“Obito…” tears ran down Rin’s cheeks when she finished and Kakashi left to fight the ninja who attacked them, “You’re ganna be okay, alright?”

“Kakashi…Look after Rin for me..” Obito muttered.

Kakashi came back, “Rin take my hand now!!”

Rin did so but tears fell on her face as rocks...
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Characters: ObitoxRin, NarutoxSakura (implied), KakaxIru,KakaxObito

Fan Fiction: Naruto

Silence took over the two Jounin at the Konohagakure gate. There was nothing to do ever since two years lalu during the Chuunin Exam when Orochimaru attacked and killed the Third Hokage. And of course everyone remembers the whole mishaps of Squad Seven, Team Kakashi that was made up of Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzamaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha.

The tan Jounin sighed in boredom, “Why’d Hokage-sama ask me to take over Geckko’s shift?” he scratched the bridge of his nose just out of habit and nerves....
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I have way too much time. I drew a picture to go with this

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or risk angering Sai's abs. Note: I don't own Naruto or

Obito would never have died.

It was late one night

When all was black

The gods of rock (or maybe it was Yondy)

Sent Obito back…


His mission was simple

With two single aspects

Form a band,

And call it:

The All-Ninja Rejects


Of course it was simple,

Taking only a day

Obito found six other shinobi

Who would sertai the band, for their shinobi way


And then Obito

Bass in hand

Ranked them up

And gave forth his command


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