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posted by james_lover
Four and a half years have passed since High School graduation. Lucas is now coaching the Ravens with the assistance of Skills and is in a relationship with his book editor, Lindsey Strauss (guest star, Michaela Mc Manus), who urges him to write a saat novel that will match the success of his first. Nathan and Haley are raising their son Jamie (Jackson Brundage) in pokok Hill, where an accident four months previously left Nathan near-paralyzed and his bola keranjang dreams diminished. Haley is a teacher at pokok bukit High while Mouth is an unemployed sportscaster looking for work. Brooke is undoubtedly...
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posted by BrookeYourself
Brooke - "We have a hot tub."
Lucas - Brooke, I..."
Brooke - "We have a naked me in the hot tub."
[BROOKE looks back over at HALEY as NATHAN nods at her]

BROOKE: Did anda see that?
BROOKE: Nathan just gave her the nod.
PEYTON: What nod?
BROOKE: The "lets hook up after the game" nod. [Pause] Wanna know what I think? I think Nathan likes tutor girl. But I think tutor girl likes Lucas. And I know I like Lucas. And I don't know who the hell anda like anymore. This is all turning into one big love… rectangle plus one, whatever that is.

Brooke - "Jake anda can tell me. I won't even...
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