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I know this has been berkata before, but it has been bothering me for a long time, and when something builds up I have to get it out somehow :D

Let me start sejak saying that I Cinta when people add jawapan to the picks I make...It's awesome that we have that option because often times I forget an answer, atau someone comes up with something lebih creative, etc...
But, there are a few things that I've been noticing about adding jawapan for a while, and I wanted to put it out there.

I understand that the point of a pick is, well, to pick something. Therefore it's a bit annoying when someone adds an answer...
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posted by 18marras
Look at your first option.

-Is it convinient
-Is it appropriate
-Is it neccesarry
-Is it a good choice

If no to two atau lebih of the above questions, skip that option. Look at the seterusnya and ask yourself the same questions. anda may find the other option similar, inappropriate, unnessary, not a good choice and inconvinient.
So, if the other choice is worse than the first option, skip that choice, and just go with option no.1.
If the saat choice is as good as atau better than the first, consider it.

It should be convinient for anda and others through change. How and will it benefit people, how, and will?...
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considering the amount of picks on Fanpop that are smurf hated related and the amount of users that don't understand why, i think this clip says it all
Family Guy
Fanpop running joke
hatred smurfs
anti smurf
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 well okay maybe these finger nails are interesting
well okay maybe these finger nails are interesting
hei gals and guys.

This artikel is basically bits and bats on what i think make a brilliant pick just that little bit extra sparkly...i don't suppose it has any real purpose but hopefully some of anda will find it useful....or a amusing read :)

5. bahagian, atas tip number five, pick something interesting...I'm pretty certain no one really has an opinion on what color everyone's teapots are atau finds the length of your finger nails amusing. It may seem like a obvious thing but don't ask a pick for the sake of just asking a pick. Ask a pick to hear people's opinions atau to entertain.

4. bahagian, atas tip number four,...
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posted by leuron
Well, following Vanessa example, I decided to do another one of these, let's have fun then. :P write the words, then put them on the text on the corresponding number...

1-Part of body












Here's the text:

(3) was very (7) that day, he/she stared at my (1) for (4) saat and then he/she asked me to (5) and called me (11). I had to walk around a bit and (10) 'cause I couldn't believe it. Then out of the blue (6) appeared and gave a/an (2) to (3). I screamed "(12)!!" and went to (8). My special spot, where I like to (9). (3) was always on my thoughts, (5) he/she said... Yeah it's for the best...
This is hilarious!!!!
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