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posted by Merwolf
Over the years many people have asked the question, "what gender is Ash's pikachu?" Some say male, some female, and some say "it."

All through the years of my pokemon journey I have been studying the hormones of ash's Pikachu and stand sejak what I have always believed, that ash's Pikachu is a female. here is a senarai of evidence I have to support that.

1. Pikachu has shown a great deal of female hormones such going crazy, being irritable, screaming, and snapping at others when upset, just like girls often do when upset, dealing with drama, and/or PMS'ing

2.Pikachu has always shown a very mothering...
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posted by Pokegal4life
Here I will senarai off all the Pokémon Ash caught within the first 16 seasons of the anime, what season he caught them, what episode he caught them, where he caught them, and their original trainers (if they had a trainer before Ash). Here are the first 20.

Kanto (Original Series)

1. Pikachu (episode 1- Pokémon- I Choose You!)

Pikachu was Ash's starter Pokémon that he received from Professor Oak. He received Pikachu because he woke up late on the hari he was supposed to start his Pokémon training. Pikachu didn't like Ash AT ALL when Ash first got him, and was very disobedient, refusing to help...
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posted by pokemon_love
Ash was excited to finally have fun after a long and serious week of training. He went walked to the pantai with Cilan, Iris, and his beloved Pokémon, pikachu. On the way there, he ran into Misty the pokemon trainer. She asked him if she could walk with him. Of course he berkata yes. He was excited to see Misty in a bathing suit- not because he was perverted atau anything, but because he wanted to see what she'd say. After all, Misty is always judging other people, he wondered if she'd judge herself. The way there was very awkward for Ash. Misty kept bringing up all the good times. Ash wondered...
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posted by AninditaS
Number Name Type
001      Bulbasaur      Grass/Poison
002     Ivysaur     Grass/Poison
003      Venusaur      Grass/Poison
004     Charmander     Fire
005     Charmeleon     Fire
006     Charizard     Fire
007     Squirtle     Water
008     Wartortle     Water
009     Blastoise...
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posted by TeamGalacticFan
Don't like Conjunction Shipping but end up Membaca it and don't like it no HATE komen-komen please.

Mars:Whats the seterusnya mission…?(looks bored at Cyrus)
Cyrus:Mars be gone anda don’t have a seterusnya mission!
Jupiter:Well well anda always land in the garbage Mars!
Mars:None of your business Jupiter!
Jupiter:You never learn do you?
Mars: (gives Jupiter a death look)Get lost!
Saturn:What are anda two arguing about now?
Mars:Like anda care Saturn!
Saturn:Mars…Jupiter what did anda do this time?
Jupiter:You know I winded her up again.
Saturn: (sighs) anda really need to stop doing that…
Mars:Runs away...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 7: Nikki's First Night

(In Misty's gym, all of the guests are eating pizza at the tables. Serena just got 2 slices of pizza. She headed over to the meja, jadual and sat between Ash, Pikachu and Nikki and gave Nikki one slice of pizza. Nikki is also sitting seterusnya to Ash.)
Serena: What's wrong, sweetheart? Don't anda like your pizza?
Nikki: No. I never had a big makan malam, majlis makan malam before because I would only have crackers every night. (She eats her pizza with a smile.)
Brock: Did anda tell her yet Ash?
Ash: Yes and turns out she's not pregnant! Probably the nurse got the wrong number.
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Ash's Big Hit

(Ash shows Pikachu and Misty the box of the model plane.)
Pikachu: Pika?
Misty: What is that, Ash?
Ash: It's a model of the loceng X-1 rocket plane the plane that broke the sound barrier.
Misty: The sound barrier must be pretty hard because this plane is all smashed up.
Pikachu: Pika Pikachu.
Ash: It's not smashed. I'm going to build it. Don't touch-- you'll mix up the pieces!
Misty: I've never heard of toys that come broken, even for you. (Ash glares at her) I'm going. Never say I don't go when anda want me to because I'm going, like that. When anda want me to go, I'm out of here. No waiting....
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Rock a Bye Chikorita

(Ash, Pikachu and Serena are outside with the birds in the early morning)
Serena: There anda are, anda sweet feathered creatures, you. Breakfast time.
Ash: They're eating their breakfast alright.
Pikachu: Pika Pika.
Misty: Where's my breakfast, Ash Ketchum? I'm starving to death!
Ash: Stop whining, Misty. Serena and I are feeding the birds.
Misty: Hmph. He's annoying as usual like my psyduck.
Psyduck: Psyduck.
Misty: Get back in your pokeball, anda annoying duck!
(As Pikachu goes to the little duck, a itik spits at Pikachu)
Pikachu: Pika!
Bird: Ha ha ha ha!
Pikachu: [Whimpers]
Serena: Pikachu,...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Georgia gets in dead meat

Courtneyfan6: Okay, class, today's behavior card day. We'll start from best to worst; emas to black. Here are the cards.
(Gold: Ash)
Ash: Yes! I got a emas card!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Ash. anda are the best student ever and the best Pokémon master! Please go to the Principal's office to make her proud!
(Silver: May and Max)
May: Yes! Me and Max got silver cards!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, May and Max! anda get a tahun off! You're my first kegemaran siblings ever! Go to the Principal's office!
(Pink: Serena)
Serena: Yes! I got a merah jambu card!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Serena! You...
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posted by PeterMWou
Pokemon is that rarest of Anime and Manga franchise phenomenona: an Anime and Manga franchise who managed to completely menyeberang, cross over from the saat best-selling video game franchise to the the world's largest mainstream Anime and Manga franchise. Other video game franchises like Mario and Sonic performed similar moves in which notably became enduring mainstream ikon-ikon based on their video game franchise work -- but Pokemon shed video game franchise roots like they were a saat skin; it was a necessary molting to reveal Pokemon was perhaps the sharpest, savviest, populist Anime and Manga franchise...
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Ash, Brock, and Misty were walking along the road to the seterusnya town when they saw someone riding past them on a Rapidash. Outta my way! berkata the mysterious figure Who do anda think that was? asked Misty Beats me. berkata Ash Whoever it was, we should go find out who it was. berkata Brock When everyone arrived to where they saw the mystery person go, they were surprised to find out it was Lara Laramie. Lara Laramie! berkata Brock, Misty, and Ash at the same time How'd anda three know it was me!? berkata Lara Laramie I'm just messing with you. I had this disguise on so no one would know it's me. berkata Lara Laramie,...
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Here's how I divided into 6 different announcer alih phases:

<insert phase here> sejak <insert alih here>:
Shadow Force(KO): Complete destruction sejak Shadow Force!
Seed Flare: Ripped into sejak Seed Flare!
Magma Storm (KO): Incinerated sejak Magma Storm!
Crush Grip: Smashed sejak Crush Grip!
Spacial Rend: Torn apart sejak Spacial Rend!
Roar of Time: Ripped sejak Roar of Time!
Head Smash: Slammed sejak Head Smash!
Wood Hammer: Pounded sejak Wood Hammer!
Stone Edge: Sliced sejak Stone Edge!
Rock Wrecker: Demolished sejak Rock Wrecker!
Power Whip: Lashed sejak Power Whip!
Leaf Storm: Torn up sejak Leaf Storm.
Draco Meteor: Pounded...
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1. Ash's Snorlax

True to his species, Snorlax eats lots of Makanan and then falls asleep, and as a result of this, Ash has difficulty with Snorlax and getting him to wake up and battle.

2. Ash's Oshawott

He is very gluttonous and most of the time takes Makanan from other Pokemon and doesn't tunjuk any regret unless he gets caught. He mostly did this to Ash's Pignite, resulting in a fight between the two of them. This has caused trouble for the gang atau a member of the gang. An example of Oshawott stealing Pignite's Makanan that caused trouble for the whole gang was in "Baffling the Boufflant" which took place...
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posted by Pokegal4life
A picture's worth a thousand words and is also a great way to prove a point and get unknown facts straightened out. Here's proof that Pachirisu's a girl. There's a picture of Pachirisu from the episode "Tanks for the Memories". In that episode the gang stopped at a cafe where Brock was helping one of the waitresses bond with her Miltank, Ilta. While Brock helped her, Dawn, Ash and their Pokemon helped the other two waitresses inside the cafe during rush hour. One of the pictures below is from that episode. It's Pachirisu, Buneary, and Ambipom all wearing waitress outfits, and they all look super excited, as did Dawn. Now, think about how Ash, Pikachu, Piplup, and Turtwig looked, embarrassed, right? Exactly, and if Pachirisu were a guy, it's selamat, peti deposit keselamatan to say Pachirisu would've been embarrassed as well. Also, I have another picture of Pachirisu in a cheerleader outfit, and Pachirisu looks excited, and that probably wouldn't be the case if Pachirisu was a male.
posted by YolentaShield
 The partial screenshot of Fleur's phone.
The partial screenshot of Fleur's phone.
A character from The Story of François and Bella, Léon Olivier, who knows Pokémon, sent e-mail to all Pari-pari in France with his tablet. The content is:
My name is Léon Olivier, I'm the founder of my electronic company, and a billionaire, alerting anda for the new Pokémon, Dedenne, a cute Electric/Fairy-type rodent Pokémon. Because it'll use Electric-type moves, it'll make anda get an electric shock and make anda paralyzed. So, beware that Pokémon, OK?
The e-mail was sent on 9th August 2013 at 13:00 UTC (15:00 CEST). The Pari-pari smartphone, tablet,...
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posted by LizardMonke
10. Pearlshipping
A very good fandom who has quite large fanbase but has less toxic people
9. Orangeshipping
It is just a reply to Geekchikshipping so obviously it is not that toxic.
8. Geekchikshipping
Www. They are so TOXIC. They are the same people who gets angry when we ship their girl with another guy.
7. XYZ fans
They are toxic just because of their hate on SM
6. Genwunners
Nothing to tell. We all know how toxic and dumbass they are.
5. DP fans
They always attack everyone who says XYZ the best. They also get butthurt when someone says Serena best.
4. Amourshipping
Amourshipping has the biggest fanbase...
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Opinion: Port Of Call

We waited 2 years for a long waited Pokemon Sword and Shield sequel, and all we got was a lousy Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake for Nintendo Switch.

Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but its announcement was indicative of Pokemon’s biggest problem: The Pokemon Company simply can’t stick to a healthy release cadence without reverting back to its tried and tested strategy of releasing Pokemon remakes, which I've played countless times before.

I’ve already expressed my frustration at how a disappointing Pokemon Diamond...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Ch 1: Georgia's Evil Plan

(The story begins when Ash and Serena are making out at the garden.)
Serena: Mmm! I'm so happy to be with you, Ash.
Ash: Same here. It gave me plenty of time from Pokemon battles and Team Rocket drama. (He chuckles evilly as he started to tickle Serena)
Serena: (laughing) Stop! That tickles, that tickles! (laughing)
Ash: How's that babe! Got ya got ya got ya!
(They didn't know when Iris' rival Georgia is watching)
Georgia: (thinking) Awww! What a cute couple! Too bad it won't last long though! (Laughs softly) It will take one phone call away to...
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posted by PeterMWou
Here are the trivias for the specific Pokémon generation. Enjoy.

Generation I Trivia

Of all the generations, Generation I introduced the most moves to the series, with 165.
Excluding Generation III's FireRed and LeafGreen (as they are remakes), Generation I is the only generation so far whose mascots are non-legendary Pokémon.
As far as release dates go, Generation I is the shortest generation in North America, partly due to the fact that Red and Blue were not released until 1998, while in Japan, they were released in 1996, and their successors, emas and Silver, were released closer together,...
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 Number 5 me want
Number 5 me want
Ok I have to go do ill do the ones that almost made it tomorrow but as I berkata cuteness overload and to get the over pokemon pictures out of anda mind enjoy
 Number 4 forget Kucing vs Anjing
Number 4 forget cats vs dogs
 The ones that almost made it
The ones that almost made it
 The only reason this did not make it because Snivy has become a cannibal
The only reason this did not make it because Snivy has become a cannibal
 Pichu of couse
Pichu of couse