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When anda walk, anda don’t leave tracks
When anda talk, they don’t talk back
Believe in every word anda say, but they don’t know
They don’t, don’t know
Secrets that anda just can’t keep, promises that anda made me
You twisted it to suit yourself, but now I know
I know, I know

Ooh, everything that I told you
Ooh, anda just smile and then you

Kiss and tell everything I said, stuck inside your little web
Everybody wants to know, yeah
Lips that lie, cover your track, sold me out and anda just laugh
Say we’re Friends until the end, yeah, but you
Don’t mean it, don’t mean it
(Don’t mean it,...
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Oh whoa oh
I don’t know why, I don’t know why I’m so afraid (So afraid)
I don’t know how, I don’t know how to fix the pain (Fix the pain)
We’re livin’ a lie, livin’ a lie this needs to change (Needs to change)
We’re out of time, we’re out of time and it’s still the same

We can’t stop the world, but there’s so much lebih that we could do
You can’t stop this girl, from falling lebih in Cinta with you
You berkata nobody has to know
Give us time to grow, and take it slow
But I’d stop the world (I’d stop the world)
If it’d finally let us be alone
Let us be alone

I’m hearing the...
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anda think anda know me so well
You put me down it builds anda up
You’re kicking me around
You just can’t get enough
And all anda Friends surround you
Without them sejak your side
You start to tunjuk your weakness
It’s something anda can’t hide
Yeah, yeah

Well, stop and erase
‘Cause I’m gonna wipe that smile off your know-it-all face (Woe-oh)
Laugh while anda can, yeah live it up but read my lips - that the joke is on anda (Woe-oh)
I figured it out - you’re all about walkin’ tall on the people anda knock down
Well stop an erase ‘cause I’m gonna wipe that smile off your know-it-all face (Woe-oh)

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I was looking in the mirror
Trying to find
A new reflection
Wanna take the road
Less traveled down
A different direction
Make some new mistakes
Forget the ones I’ve made
Cry some tears of joy
And dress lebih like a boy

And come back as a blonde
Try a different lipstick on
As a blonde
Will I get whatever I want
I’ll be ever so enticing
Cake a lot of icing
Never have to watch my weight
Yeah when I’m gone
I’m gonna come back as a blonde

I wanna meet myself
As someone else
Just to see what it feels like
Take a walk
On the other side
‘Cause anda know that I just might
Break some different hearts
And finish what I...
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Everything’s cool yeah
It’s all gonna be okay yeah
And I know
Maybe I’ll even laugh about it someday
But not today no
‘Cause I don’t feel so good
I’m Tangled up inside
My hati, tengah-tengah is on my sleeve
Tomorrow is a mystery to me

And it might be wonderful
It might be magical
It might be everything I’ve waited for
A miracle
Oh but even if I fall in Cinta again
With someone new
It could never be the way
I loved you

Letting anda go is
Making me feel so cold yeah
And I’ve been
Trying to make believe is doesn’t hurt
But that makes it worse yeah
See I’m a wreck inside
My tongue is tied and my whole body feels...
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(U got nothin’ on me
U got nothin’ on me
U got nothin’ on me
U got nothin’ on me)

Summer came anda took me sejak surprise
The California sunshine in my eyes
Driving with the bahagian, atas down we sang along
To our kegemaran songs, nothing could go wrong
Laughing as we gazed under the moon
You kissed me and it never felt too soon
Hard to believe that anything could tear us apart
That you’d break my heart

Now I know who anda are
U got nothin’ on me, I see
I should’ve known it from the start
(U got nothin’ on me)
You can’t tell me lies
Don’t even try ‘cause
This is goodbye, goodbye

I caught anda from the corner...
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My state of mind has finally got the best of me
I need anda seterusnya to me
I’ll try to find a way that I can get to you
Just wanna get to you

The world I see is perfect now you’re all around
With anda I can breathe

Until you’re mine, I have to find
A way to fill this hole inside
I can’t survive without anda here sejak my side
Until you’re mine, not gonna be
Even close to complete
I won’t rest until you’re mine

Alone inside, I can only hear your voice
Ringing through the noise
I can’t fight my mind, keeps on coming back to you
Always back to you

Wanted something out of reach
It’s killing me, you’re...
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La, di, da, yeah
You fled from medication ‘cause it only causes pain
You won’t go to the doctor he keeps calling anda insane
You’re Lost even when you’re going the right way
You mean the world to me even though anda might be crazy

And anda berkata we wouldn’t make it, but look how far we’ve come
For so long my hati, tengah-tengah was breaking
But now we’re standing strong
The things anda say, make me fall harder each day
You’re a train wreck but I wouldn’t Cinta anda if anda changed

No, yeah

I shook your hand and anda pulled it right away, yeah
You asked me to dance, instead I berkata no way
Inside I was dying to...
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I’m losing myself
Trying to compete
With everyone else
Instead of just being me
I don’t know where to turn
I’ve been stuck in this routine
I need to change my ways
Instead of always being weak

I don’t wanna be afraid
I wanna wake up feeling beautiful today
And know that I’m okay
‘Cause everyone’s perfect in unusual ways anda see
I just wanna believe in me

La la la la, la la la la

The mirror can lie
Doesn’t tunjuk anda what’s inside
And it, it can tell anda you’re full of life (You’re full of life)
It’s amazing what anda can hide (What anda can hide)
Just sejak putting on a smile

I don’t wanna...
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She was telah diberi the world, so much that she couldn’t see
And she needed someone to tunjuk her who she could be
And she tried to survive wearing her hati, tengah-tengah on her sleeve
But I needed anda to believe

You had your dreams I had mine
You had your fears I was fine
Showed me what I couldn’t find
When two different worlds collide
La di da di da

She was scared of it all, watching from far away
She was telah diberi a role, never knew just when to play
And she tried to survive living a life on her own
Always afraid of the throne
But you’ve telah diberi me strength to find home

You had your dreams I had mine
You had your fears I was...
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