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English Translation

The ship veiled in the shining sea leaves a whistle of the good-bye.
Will I meet the wind of summer color if I go down the gentle slope?
My love, it's a melody. I sing highly and low.
My love, it's a gull. I fly highly and low.
Will I meet tender anda if I call for anda in the setting sun?

The sound of the Piano somebody plays sounds like sea rumble.
Do people coming and going in the late afternoon carry the dream of summer color?
My love, it's a diary. I spell a daily page.
My love, it's a boat. I go the sea of sky.
Will anda look for me if I look back in the setting sun?

Trees shaking in a promenade cast a good-bye shadow.
Can the weathercock of an old chapel see the town of summer color?
The yesterday love, it's tears. It dries before long and disappears.
The tomorrow love, it's a refrain. Words without the end.
Will anda hug me if I meet anda in the setting sun?

Hikaru umi ni kasumu funewa
sayonara no kiteki nokoshimasu
Yurui saka o orite yukeba
natsu iro no kaze ni aeru kashira
Watashi no ai sore wa merodi
takaku Hikuku Utau no
Watashi no ai Sore wa kamome
takaku Hikuku Tobu no
Yuuhi no naka yonde mitara
yasashii anata ni aeru kashira

Dare ka ga hiku Piano no oto
uminari mitai ni kikoemasu
Osoi gogo o yuki kau hito
natsu iro no yume o hakobu kashira
Watashi no ai Sore wa dayari
Hibi no peji tsuzuru no
Watashi no ai Sore wa kobune
Sora no umi o yuku no
Yuuhi no naka furikaereba
Anata wa watashi o sagasu kashira

Sanpomichi ni yureru kigi wa
sayonara no kage o otoshimasu
Furui chaperu kazami no tori
natsu iro no machi wa mieru kashira
Kinou no ai sore wa namida
Yagate kawaki kieru no
Ashita no ai sore wa rufuran
Owari no nai kotoba
Yuuhi no naka meguriaeba
anata wa watashi o daku kashira







Yuuyami semaru kumo no ue
Itsumo ichiwa de tondeiru
Taka wa kitto kanashikarou
Oto mo todaeta kaze no naka
Sora wo tsukanda sono tsubasa
Yasumeru koto wa dekinakute

Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou
Taka no youna kono kokoro
Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou
Sora wo mau yona samishisa wo

Ame no sobofuru iwakage ni
Itsumo chiisaku saiteiru
Hana wa kitto setsunakarou
Iro mo kasunda ame no naka
Usu momoiro no hanabira wo
Medetekureru te mo nakute

Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou
Hana no youna kono kokoro
Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou
Ame ni utareru setsunasa wo

Hitokage taeta no no michi wo
Watashi to tomo ni ayunderu
Anata mo kitto samishikarou
Mushi no sasayaku kusahara wo
Tomo ni michiyuku hito dakedo
Taete monoiu koto mo naku

Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou
Hitori michiyuku kono kokoro
Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou
Hitoribocchi no samishisa wo

光る海に かすむ船は
さよならの汽笛 のこします
ゆるい坂を おりてゆけば
夏色の風に あえるかしら
わたしの愛 それはメロディー
たかく ひくく 歌うの
わたしの愛 それはカモメ
たかく ひくく 飛ぶの
夕陽のなか 呼んでみたら
やさしいあなたに 逢えるかしら

だれかが弾く ピアノの音
海鳴りみたいに きこえます
おそい午後を 往き交うひと
夏色の夢を はこぶかしら
わたしの愛 それはダイアリー
日々のページ つづるの
わたしの愛 それは小船...
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Whisper of the hati, tengah-tengah is a Studio Ghibli film. Studio Ghibli has made some good films. Is Whisper of the hati, tengah-tengah a good film? Please read the review if anda want to find out.

The Plot

The film is about Shizuku, a high school girl who loves to read books. She meets a high school guy named Seiji. At first Shizuku dislikes Seiji, but she eventually falls in love. Shizuku and Seiji try to focus both on their relationship and their future jobs.

The plot is good. Most romance films are painfully predictable, boring, and annoying. This film is actually pretty charming and entertaining. It has a few slow...
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English translation

Above the clouds where dusk comes
Always flying sejak itself
The hawk is probably grieving is it not
In the wind's midst even sound stops
The wings that grasp the sky
Resting is a thing they cannot do

To what compares the heart?
This hati, tengah-tengah that is like a hawk
To what compares the heart?
Of grief that seems to bulatan the sky

In boulder's shadow near falling rain
Always blossoming small
The bunga is probably sad is it not
In the rain's midst even colour finishes
Of lightly peach-coloured petals
Without a hand to Cinta them

To what compares the heart?
This hati, tengah-tengah that is like a flower...
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istana, castle in the Sky is a Studio Ghibli film. It was directed sejak Hayo Miyazaki. This review is about wether atau not the film is worth checking out.

The Plot:

Sheeta is a young girl. She meets a young guy named Pazu. Pazu helps Sheeta, because Sheeta is being chased sejak a villainous colonel and some pirates. However the colonel gets Sheeta. Because of this Pazu decides to become allies with the pirates. The pirates turn out to not be as villainous as they seemed to be so it's up to Pazu, Sheeta, and the pirates to stop the colonel.

Castle in the Sky is lebih action packed than most if not all Studio...
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posted by Windrises
Ocean Waves is a romance Anime film that was made sejak Studio Ghibli. Although it got really good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes some Studio Ghibli peminat-peminat consider this film to be 1 of Studio Ghibli's weakest films. This review is about if I agree with the Studio Ghibli fans.

The Plot:

The film is about Taku, a young and nice guy. His best friend Yutaka. They get a new classmate named Rikako. Rikako is a impolite girl, but she's pretty which makes Yutaka get a crush on her. Taku doesn't like Rikako's harshness. However after spending some days together Taku cares about Rikako. Taku struggles to get...
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The Tale of the Princess Kaguya is a 2013 Studio Ghibli film. The film was directed sejak Isao Takahata. The film is based on the story "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter".

The Plot:

The film is focused on a princess who is adopted sejak a couple who live in the country. The princess loves her life in the country, but the dad thinks that she should have a life of royalty. The princess moves to a mansion where she is treated like royalty, but she misses her pleasant country life. Plus a bunch of shallow guys want to marry her.

The plot is amazing. The film is over 2 hours, but the film manages to be a...
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posted by Windrises
When Marnie Was There is a 2014 Studio Ghibli film.

The Plot:

The film is about Anna, a socially uncomfortable young girl. She lives with nice, but suspicious foster parents. Due to some problems she spends some time with her uncle and aunt. While there she becomes best Friends with Marnie, a mysterious girl.

The film's plot is really good. Although the storyline is quite dark the passionate bond between Anna and Marnie leads to some of the most emotionally impactful and heartwarming scenes ever. The film is pretty much just focused on Anna and Marnie so the film isn't overloaded with too many...
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#5 Things anda Probably Didn't Know About Spirited Away!

5. The main charatcer: Chihiro is based off of something atau someone.
-Hayao Miyazaki, film director of Studio Ghibli, Based Chihiro off of his best friend's daughter who was -at the time- 10 years old. She was also the one who convinced Hayao to continue Directing movies, after Hayao was thinking of retiring after he finished up Princess Mononoke.

4. Even the famous Hayao Miyazaki needed help.
- Hayao read shojo magazines (manga geared toward young women atau girls) But he didn't find them of any help because they all consisted of romantic...
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There are several film studios, but my kegemaran is Studio Ghibli. Studio Ghibli is a film studio that's made some of the most beloved Anime films. They have around 20 films. Their 2 main directors are Hayo Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.

Studio Ghibli films are the king of having good plots. The 3 most impressively written films that I've ever experienced are all Studio Ghibli films. The plots in their films have very emotionally moving and wonderfully done scenes. The characters are often likeable and relatable. Plus the animasi is awesome and the Muzik is charming.

The Studio Ghibli films that...
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10.Nausicaa of the valley of the wind
This film had a great enviromental message, which was really really obvious, but it is something people do have to take in, and i loved the Rekaan of the post apocolyptic Earth, and the fact it was ripped apart into nations, which were very diverse and different, and it suggested lebih chaos was going on in the world, then first appears. The characters were powerful, lead sejak Nausicaa, who, in Miyazakis true style, was a strong, adventurous female character. I was a little suprised there was not really a Cinta story incorporated though, but, the story didnt...
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