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posted by LEH-Pjevsen
Deleted Scene

“Dean, what do anda think this is?” Sam said, as he pulled a video out of their dad’s car.

The car they had used two days to find, because they had to get the weapons, in the trunk, out, and get the car to Bobby, before somebody else found it. And because their dad had died, they couldn’t ask him where he had parked it, they just had to look in the area they knew he had been in.

“It just says; John, Mary, Dean and little Sammy, do anda think it’s a video of us?” Sam continued.

“Don’t know, I can’t remember we should have had a video camera, but again I don’t remember...
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Jimmy closed the door of the hospital behind him. He was lucky it was dark. His hospital apron would’ve been very noticeable in broad daylight. Nevertheless he needed clothes. He couldn’t travel in hospital clothes. People might think he’s some nutcase who escaped. He started window shopping, staying in the shadows.
After a while he came across a clothing shop. He looked around to make sure no one was looking his direction. Then he grabbed a flowerpot from the window-ledge and threw it through the window. The glass shattered and Jimmy jumped inside, while the alarm was howling. He quickly...
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Cas eyes flashed open as he lay on the bathroom floor. With some effort he managed to sit up. He looked aside to the ground and noticed the many empty strips. He picked up a few and examined them.
“What?” he mumbled weak and confused. It had never been his intention to menelan every pill in the medicine cabinet and he knew that it was a miracle he was still alive. He let the strips fall out of his hand and he crawled slowly and difficult to the toilet.
As he tried to reach the toilet he was thrown back against the wall. A part of him tried to keep the drugs in his body. But another part...
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“What was it?” Meg asked sharp, forcing Cas to look at her sejak grabbing his shoulders. “What did Heather give you? If it’s something dangerous…You know medicine can kill you, don’t you? If anda take too much of it”
Cas freed himself and turned around. “Yes, I know that. I am not stupid” he snapped, while he rubbed his fingers. “I don’t know what Heather gave me. All I know is that the pain is gone and isn’t that exactly what we wanted?”
“Well, if anda don’t know then I guess I’ll have to ask someone who does” Meg replied cold. She turned around and wanted to leave...
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“Your résumé is extremely…blank” the man in the temp job office noticed as he looked at the paper Meg had telah diberi him. She had written it this morning. “You’ve worked as a nurse in a mental clinic for some weeks. Do anda have a degree as a nurse?”
“Yeah” Meg nodded. “I should’ve brought it with me”
“Why don’t anda go utama and come back with your degree. Then, maybe, I can do something for you” the man said.
“All right” Meg answered and she got up. She turned around and left the office. She leaned against the dinding and took a deep breath. She didn’t have a degree....
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The seterusnya morning.
Cas was sitting in the court room. The judge had sat down and ordered everyone to follow his example.
“The defendant may stand up”
Craig poked Cas to let him know he had to stand up.
“Castiel, you’ve been accused of pedophilia of the four tahun old Alexia Moore” the judge said.
“I didn’t do it” Cas berkata desperate. He searched the room to find Sam and Dean. They were in the back. Jo wasn’t there. Cas didn’t blame her. They didn’t know each other that well.
“There’s enough damning material to believe the opposite” Daphne’s attorney said.
That komen caused mixed reactions. On one side there were those people who believed Cas was guilty as charged and who wanted him convicted. On the other side there were those who thought he was innocent and they were not pleased with the words of the attorney.
“Silence” the judge berkata and he knocked with his hammer.
“Your honor, if anda allow me, I’d like to summon my first witness”
“Gerard committed suicide last night” Zoey said. “I found him hanging in our bedroom”
Daphne covered her mouth. “Oh my God, that’s…awful” she said

Daphne threw her arms around Zoey and Zoey faked a few tears and sobs. She pushed Daphne away and berkata she had to tell Alexia. She put her dompet, beg tangan on the dresser, knowing Daphne would see the letter and be too curious to leave it where it is.
And indeed, a minit later, Daphne stormed outside, hysterically crying how everything was her fault.
Zoey walked back inside, trusting Daphne would need some time to calm down. She opened Daphne’s computer and connected a portable hard drive to it. The hard drive contained a fake video of Cas doing things with Alexia.
Zoey copied the video to Daphne’s files and then removed the hard drive. She closed the computer and called Alexia.
“Let’s go, Lex” she said. “We’re going to your grandparents”
Zoey was sitting at the dapur meja, jadual in Daphne’s house. After her appointment with the dentist Zoey had decided to have a coffee chat with her sister.
“How are anda doing?” she asked casual.
“I’m doing fine, Z” Daphne answered.
“Are anda still taking your medication?” Zoey asked insisting. Daphne frowned, annoyed. “For goodness sake, Daphne, it’s for anda own good and ours. The doctor didn’t prescribe anda these pills for nothing”
Daphne stood up angry. “I know what they are for” she snapped. She sighed. “I feel good, Zoey. Emmanuel is really good company. He makes...
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Ellen and Jo, who had been told the guys were back in Colorado, were staying in a different motel. They didn’t know where Dean, Sam and Cas exactly were.
Someone knocked and Ellen, who didn’t know how Zoey looked like atau that she was on the loose, opened the door and looked straight into a gun.
“Where is Cas?” Zoey asked cold.
“You must be Zoey” Ellen concluded. She took a few steps back and Zoey came in.
“Where is Cas?” Zoey repeated her soalan a little sharper.
“He’s not here” Ellen said. “You better put that gun down. anda don’t really want to do this”
Zoey looked...
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Meg was sitting at the dapur meja, jadual with a glass of red wine when someone rang the bell. She ignored it, but the visitor wouldn’t leave. When Meg could no longer pretend she didn’t hear the incessant knocking, she stood and staggered to the hallway. She opened the door and gazed at Jo, had a bag with her.
“Can I come in?” Jo asked and without waiting for an invitation she entered the house and walked past Meg. “I’ll take this to the spare room. Don’t worry, I’ll find it myself” She walked to the stairs and left Meg somewhat stunned.
She checked a few rooms, until she found...
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Meg was standing hesitantly on her front porch. It was the first she’d come here after Cas’ death. It had been sealed until now, so she had been forced to stay with the brothers. Sam had been nice to her, but Dean had constantly shot her angry looks.
“You want me to go inside with you?” Anna offered.
Meg shook her head. “No, I can do this. It’s just a house” she convinced herself, but her feet refused obedience.
Anna took Meg’s arm and flew them inside. Meg looked around. Nothing had changed. There were Crowley’s ashes on the floor and even Cas’ vomit.
“I’ll clean up...
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One week later.

Dean, Sam and Meg were standing around a grave. Cas’ grave. After hours of interrogation the three of them had been released, but Cas’ corpse had been confiscated until now. There had been an autopsy and of course the police wanted to know where he’d get the burns. Sam, Dean and Meg had agreed on a story about self-defense and once the police had bought it they were free to go.
They heard loud voices and laughter. Sam turned around irritated and saw a gang of young people heading towards them. They had two bottles of booze with them. They stopped at the grave. One of them...
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Half an jam passed sejak where Cas stared at the ceiling and Dean tried to talk to him. The door opened and Meg entered.
“It’s my turn” she berkata difficult. Dean pretended not to hear her and stayed where he was. But Cas had heard Meg’s voice and lifted up his head. He cast Dean a begging look and tried to free his hand again. But it was as if their hands were glued on to each other’s. Sam grabbed Dean’s wrist and separated the two.
“Come on, we’ll wait outside” he berkata and he dragged Dean out of the room.
Meg walked towards the katil and crawled seterusnya to Cas. Cas searched for her...
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Sam and Dean hurried to Cas and picked him up from the floor. They each threw an arm around their shoulders and carried him to the bed.
“Ehm” Meg started nervous. “Ehm…why don’t anda guys stay here for half an hour? I’ll just wait outside” Without waiting for a reply, Meg walked to the door and left the room, leaving Sam and Dean alone with Cas.
Sam pulled a chair and Dean sank down on the bed. He caressed Cas’ cheek and Cas opened his eyes. Dean cast him an affectionate smile, but Cas widened his eyes and sat up, keeping away from Dean.
“Get out” he berkata shaking.
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Dean hurried to the seemingly unconscious Cas and turned him over.
“Cas, hey, wake up” he softly said, with a desperate undertone. He wasn’t dead. He couldn’t be. To Dean’s relief Cas opened his eyes with effort.
“Dean?” he whispered hoarse. “Is it over?” he asked, looking at the other two. Dean nodded, grabbed Cas’ hand and pulled him up. He embraced Cas as if he was never letting go. Then he felt a sharp pain in his side. He looked shocked at Cas who cast him a big smile.
“Gotcha” he berkata and he threw Dean against the wall.
“Dean!” Sam exclaimed and ran towards his...
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Dean parked the Impala on the driveway and walked to Cas and Meg’s house. Sam helped the priest get out and they followed Dean to the house.
They walked upstairs to Cas and Meg’s room. Dean walked in first and swallowed when he saw Cas had gotten even weaker. They were barely on time.
The priest held his steps when he recognized Cas’ face.
“What’s the problem?” Sam wondered behind the priest.
“That’s Castiel Novak” the priest started.
“Yeah” Dean berkata obvious.
“Though when I first met him, on his wedding day, he went sejak Emmanuel. He pretended not to know who he was. It...
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“Is it better yet?” Meg asked careful, knowing better. Some cold water and cream weren’t going to help. Cas needed medical attention.
Cas shook his head, trying really hard to keep it together. “No” he berkata difficult. “I need a doctor”
“We can’t take anda to a doctor, Cas. Everyone out there is looking for you” Meg explained remorseful.
“Then get Anna here” Cas panted. “She can heal people”
Now that Cas had berkata it Meg could slap herself. Why hadn’t she thought of that herself? She looked at the ceiling and called for the angel.
“Why are anda calling me?” Anna...
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Sam and Dean parked their car in front of the fifth church they found. The sebelumnya four had all been empty. They hoped luck would be on their side for a change.
Dean pushed the door of the church open and looked inside.
“Hello?” he called. When they didn’t get a response he cursed. “Have all priests been abducted sejak aliens atau something?”
“I don’t know. Maybe Lucifer foresaw our plan and prevented it sejak killing all priests” Sam replied concerned.
They heard a noise somewhere at the back of the church. The door of the confessional opened and a man in robes came out.
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Meg opened the door and carried a basket and a bowl of water inside the room.
“What’s that?” Sam asked, with a nod at the basket. Meg didn’t answer, but walked straight to Cas. She took his chin and lifted up his head, so she could look in his eyes.
“Cas?” she berkata softly. Cas blinked slowly and difficult. Why hadn’t she been able to tell the difference? She turned her head to the brothers. “We need help. We need someone religious, like a priest”
“Okay” Sam replied. “Come on, Dean, let’s go”
But Dean stared at Cas and Meg. He didn’t want to leave them alone with...
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