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Like we exclusively told anda earlier this week, Rob Pattinson was partying after the Oscars—at the swankiest of dos possible—looking as if he'd been told he could never have another drink. Ever. Natalie Portman managed to ease Patty-poo's nerves for a bit, but he still left the shindig alone.

A close friend to the Brit babe told us, "It's because [Hollywood] just so isn't his scene. All of this fame isn't what Rob's about."

We ferreted out some vintage Pattinson pics during his Harry Potter years, and just look at the difference in his mood during the promotional tours. Rob looks actually happy and excited in the early days, whereas he now looks overwhelmed and uncomfortable—particularly anytime he touches down in L.A.

Check out Robbie's lebih baru-baru ini brooding, almost terrified faces, for yourselves and tell us how we can make Patty happy again, please?
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We all wanted to see a kis between Rob and Kristen…

Instead (and to everyone’s surprise), Rob ran into the crowd to plant a huge Ciuman on his co-star Taylor Lautner! What did anda think of the smooch?

Twilight took utama many awards at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, and it comes as no surprise that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won the Best Ciuman award for the third tahun in a row!

Here we have the video for anda of when they kiss! We can tell if they lock lips atau not!
First Look at Jackson Rathbone on Set of Criminal Minds
April 6, 2009 · Comments

in Jackson Rathbone

Jackson Rathbone has been spotted filming his episode of Criminal Minds, which the Auseillo Files reported on back in February–

Someone better make room on the crowded Twilight bandwagon, ’cause Criminal Minds is jumping on.

The CBS procedural has tapped Jackson Rathbone — a.k.a. Twilight vamp Jasper Hale — to guest bintang in an upcoming episode directed sejak Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander.

Rathbone will play a college student on spring break who may atau may not be the target of a serial killer.

His episode is slated to air in April.

I’m not so sure he looks like a “college student on spring break” here–more like a maintenance guy, atau handyman?
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Kristen Stewart Responds to Backlash, Talks New Moon
March 5, 2009 · Comments

in Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has addressed the negative buzz about her baru-baru ini harsh words in the Nylon interview. She talks to peminat-peminat in a new Collider interview, explaining that–

Stewart is adamant that her words are being taken out of context—professing, believably might I add—to having nothing but the utmost respect and care for the Twilight story and situation as a whole. “I Cinta the Twilight fans. I have literally never berkata anything remotely negative about them,” she told us.

Kristen Stewart...
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Dark Light
Book 1 of 3 (so far)
70 pages
*Thanks to Katie, Jackie, Mom, Dad, and Sam for letting me use their middle names! And the Twilight Saga Series for being my inspiration. I Cinta anda Joe, Nick and Kevin!*
-Maddie Dowden (MrsJonasLautner)
Chapter 1 ( written sejak me too!)
" Wisdom is not getting good grades. Wisdom is knowing who anda are."- Maddie Dowden

    "Let's play hide and go seek!"Joe said.
    "'Kay. . . Why not? I've got nothing better to do...." I berkata as I moped, basikal berenjin out the back door of our house.
    "Go on, but don't go too far...
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