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"The WereWolf Clan"

The werewolf clan is about fighting other enemy clan. But we don't have any yet. we build our own stuff, fight diffrent enemies, and party at full moon.

If anda are a Lone serigala, wolf rank (rescruit) then anda have to got through a test/obstacle course to see if anda are qualified to go through.

1.) No racism, gender comments, and other discrimination stuff.
2) anda must have moon charm as your accesory at all time. (If anda do not have one. I will give anda one.)
3.) If anda are gone lebih than 5 weeks anda will be put on Lone serigala, wolf Rank.
4.) anda can cus but if anda do it a lot. anda will...
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Ok, I am just kinda disapointed that NO ONE. Except for YoshiDude, Me, and glelsey are the only ones keeping Terraria and This Terraria club ALIVE! Do anda guys even enjoy Terraria? If anda don't WHY DID anda JOIN! I just came to say. Feel free to post anything anda want. If anda want to put your video in This club DO IT. If anda have a soalan ask it in Picks, Quiz, atau answer. Come on guys. Don't leave me asking myself and 2 other people questions. Answer them. Come on. I am gonna keep posting to keep this game and club ALIVE. Come on. Are anda guys blind atau something. come on ask, post, upload, anything just do something in the club. Cuz when I came here. THERE WAS NOTHING! One god damn image! WTF! Come on guys do somethin.