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posted by stellamusa101
OK, I was stellawinx101. And I want to continue the story sejak re-making it.

Gumball : (walking around the corridor) What shall we do today, Darwin, well, after school?

Darwin : I don't know, Gumball. But there's something awkward around here.

Gumball : Yeah, this.. (scratches his head) Strange..

pisang Joe: You're all invited to my party!

Gumball : It's been like 3 months anda didn't make a party.

pisang Joe: (grins evilly) But anda need.. to bring.. dates!

Gumball: Sounds easy to me.

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posted by Kirbylove
"Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!" cried Gumball in tears. "Gumball, what happened?" asked Darwin. "Penny broke up with me!" Gumball answered in a sad tone.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh!" cried Penny in tears. "Penny, what happened?" asked Penny's little sister. "I broke up with Gumball!" Penny answered in a sad tone. They couldn't get over the break up. Penny went to Gumball's house to apologize. *KNOCK* "Penny?" "Gumball?" "I guess we got lucked out huh?" berkata Gumball. "Yeeah. So listen Gumball, I wan-" Gumball kissed Penny on the lips. This kissed thing got to my mind. ~OUT OF SPACE~>=( COMING SOON: Gumball and Penny part 2/ Darwin's angkasa dream and Penny's Cinta dream. I guess that's it. REMEMBER: peminat this article, save it, and peminat me. Kirbylove out!
posted by crazycow4556
The Remote:
The episode begins with the Watterson family excitedly talking about the tunjuk they plan on watching that evening. Gumball and Darwin want to watch Cutie Pets to see the picture they telah dihantar on make it on TV, Nicole wants to watch Win atau Don't Win to win a new microwave, and Anais wants to watch a new episode of the daisy the Donkey show. All is well until they realize their shows air at the exact same time: eight o'clock. They all rush into the living room where Richard is, who informs them that he has been saving his kerusi, tempat duduk all night for the series finale of La Casa De Las Lagrimas....
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posted by chillyneon
Mr.Small got back to his job sooner atau later as well as Gumball and Darwin. Gumball had just now realized something important.
Tomorrow's the field trip to the pool!
So? berkata Darwin
Ms.Dian will be there!!!
So will Mr.Small!
Shes gonna be in a bikini dude!!!!
Uh oh.
So hows this gonna work out?
Gumball though and though.
But nothing came to mind
Absolutly nothing.

Anyways, Mr.Small was walking along the sidewalk wondering what to do about his deal with Ms.Dian. He didn't have the courage to ask her out!!!! Mr.Small finally decided to give up until he came across Gumballs house. He knocked...
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i cant think strait. gumball was my crutch i used it when i was sad, happy, stressed, anything i had gumball when my fam was busy doing there thing atau i was to scared atau imbarrised to tell them i watched gumball and my worries just went away plus there songs i listen to to make me feel better everyone has there thing. we all have things that seem small and usless but in the end keep us sane and mine is ending its not like its cut short i mine it has 238 episode right now thats alot but still i new it would end but.... it still hurts it may be ending but i...
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It's Nicole's birthday and Gumball, Darwin, and Anais get her presents, but Richard forgot to get one for her. He can't buy a gift for her because he needs to watch the kids. Then Richard sends the boys to the gas station. They pick out a holographic card that has a person on it, angry and normal. A robber comes in and scares the cashier with an old, rusty spoon, he then raids the cash register. Gumball and Darwin are about to pay for the card when the robber sees them. The robber then lies to them, saying he wants them to collect something for the Bald People charity, Gumball and Darwin find...
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ATENNTIOM AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL FANS. If any of anda didn't know atau seen the commercails on CN. New episodes of the amazing world of gumball has been annouced and will be airing this summer on, Ofcorse Cartoonnetwork. There are already tow New Epiodes already on youtube. The Dream link
And im alittle to lazy to go cari for the other episode. The Virus. so just go look it up. Anyway yeah new episodes will be coming out this summer so stay tuned on Cn. for them. int'll then. Bye ^_^
part 1(USA):The episode starts off with Gumball and Darwin yelling. Then, Miss Simian tells Gumball and Darwin to hurry up and take a shower, but Gumball and Darwin refuse to. Then, Clayton suggest the boys to wet their hair in the water and say they took a shower. When Clayton goes on the sink and puts water water on his head, the sink falls off and the sink's pipe is spraying water. Clayton tells the boys to give them one of their towels, but they refuse. Clayton puts his mouth over the pipe, which fills his mouth with water. Clayton goes flying all over the boy's pancuran, pancuran mandian room and causes the...
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The episode begins with Principal Brown breaking the news about Darwin passing the aptitude test with perfect scores. Since this had never happened before, Brown informs The Wattersons that Darwin has been sent to a government institute for geniuses to have his brain experimented on. The entire family is clearly very upset about this, especially Anais, who claims that the whole operation seems to be a form of quarantine. Brown is intrigued sejak her insight and wonders if there's another genius in the room, which scares Anais into Berlakon like a fool. Nicole is outraged at this and soalan Brown...
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posted by chillyneon
Ms.Dian came out of the changing room. Penny was right behind her as they walked back to the pool.
Rocky had already set up the net in the pool, so they could get started at the game.

hei Rocky!!! yelled Ms.Dian. Where's the ball?
It Popped
Ms.Dian looked over at Gumball who had the un-inflated ball in his hands. He smiled nervously has he set it down and ran with Darwin. Mr.SMall stood there, than ran.

Well look's like we can't play. She sighed. Nothing was perfect that day.

But she didnt know what was ahead of her.....
#20. Gumball and Darwin playing anak patung as seen in the episode, "The Robot". The boys are playing with little girl anak patung and having what seems like a pleasant teh party chat and ends up being an epic action fight!
"May I interest anda in a... DYNAMITE CUPCAKE?"

#19. Gumball listening to the wind in the episode, "The Picnic".
Wind: "You're going the wrong way."
Darwin: "What did it tell you?"
Gumball: "It berkata we're going the right way."
Wind:"*throws can at Gumball* I berkata wrong way!"
Gumball: "Yep, definitely! This is the way."
*Gumball and Darwin go that way*
Wind: "Losers."

#18. The Silence Snake, Mr...
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Today,I update the poll,Favorite Episode.The two new Episodes is:Halloween and The Treasure.If anda like these episodes,than Go to this website:
Now it's better now.If anda have any questions,Please comment. Now ,If is the new episode I didn't post,Post the comment.
Hallloween:A Halloween Specail.Carrie takes Gumball,Darwin, and Anais to a real haunted house party on Halloween.
The Treasure:Anais Refill the Watterson's secret.
posted by MarcusDupree
anda Ever Wounder How nicole Learnd All Her kung fu, ninja Type fighting. they should do a episode thats based on how nicole learnd all of her skills. it would be a entertaining/ fun episode to watch. Nicole is a very good fighter and in my opion there should be lebih episodes about her. shes just pure sexy, and awsome. and really want to see how she learnd all of her skills. this Arical wants me to write longer sooo. Yeah. there should be lebih episodes about her so we can see her more. shes one of the best characters in the tunjuk and alot of people Cinta her. do anda know how interesting it would be to see how she learnd her skills. going trew falsh backs of when she was young. (even tho we have seen that already ) but still it would be really cool to see that. anyway thats all i hafe to say. im out
P.S the pictures i have are awsome.
The episode begins with Gumball and Darwin playing a game on the playground. Gumball gives Darwin a couple of tasks to complete, but he fails all of them. Darwin does not want to be his brother's slave for a day, so in a fit of desperation he attempts to jump through his own leg. Soon after, Bobert walks up to them and asks them if he can play the betting game. Gumball obliges, but asks Bobert a trick question, causing him to lose the bet.

Because of this, Bobert switches to command mode and therefore becomes Gumball's slave for a day. Instead of using him to solve global crisises, Gumball uses...
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posted by melodybryant
they tell me i waste to much time, watching that stupid show, but i just can't let it go, so i look them in the eye, and tell them, its like its fate my greatest fantesy, my destiny, my legacy, my everything, its like it was made for me! cause i am the biggest fan! they say my life is wasted, but its just began. they say i spend to many hours way to many days, somthing wrong with my brain, no way i'm ok! but i just look them in then eye, and tell'em straight, no need to wait, i feel to great, its like it was fate. cause i am the biggest fan! they say my life is wasted but its just began. the...
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posted by stellamusa101
AN: Well, there's a club where I get to share out my opinion. So I decided to share my opinion here!

Nicole Watterson– my favourite character
She's the “bomb” of the family. I really like that, and that's what it truly admire about her. I Cinta how she's the responsible one and always cares about her children. It annoys me how Gumball and Darwin always trouble her and she has to do all the chores, and never kick back and relax. I Cinta it how her personality is the most similar to me– being responsible. I Cinta it how she loves her husband Richard Watterson just the way he is, being lazy....
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 baby gumball
baby gumball
The 10 episode of Season 2.Anais uncovers a secret that she's sure will lead her to the Wattersons's hidden family treasure.It's air at October 25, 2012, but this officialy airs October 30, 2012. Is will shows this:The episode starts in the living room, where Richard is taking a nap. Richard, being a compulsive sleep talker, becomes a sumber of amusement for the kids. After poking fun at him for a bit, Nicole comes back from grocery shopping and scolds them for messing with their father. The kids help Nicole bring the groceries in, but are surprised at the high quality Makanan she bought. Nicole...
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(interior:The tree-house,somehow)
Darwin:ok,bruce,truth atau dare?
Darwin:is it true anda Cinta Tina?
(bruce looks at Gumball,Gumball shuts up)
Bruce:I hate EVERYONE,what do anda think?
Darwin:i guess that's a no.
Bruce:Gumball,Truth atau Dare?
Gumball:DARE! X3
Bruce:I dare anda to..........
(bruce looks at Darwin,pissed)
Bruce:I dare yo to Ciuman PENNY!(slyly) on the lips.
(Gumball and Penny look at eachother)._.
(Gumball and Penny prepare to kiss)
(Penny acidentally smacks into Darwin)
Bruce and Gumball:!!!!!!!!
(Gumball rushes to Penny and kisses her on the lips)
(Bruce and Darwin clap)
Gumball (to bruce):Bruce,truth atau dare?
(screen goes black)
(credits roll)
Gumball and Darwin are flipping through TV channels while eating junk, sarap food. After a moment, Gumball asks Darwin if his hati, tengah-tengah is still beating. Darwin checks his heart, and when it doesn't beat, they start to worry. After Gumball's hati, tengah-tengah beats (which of course they are relieved to find out), they flip through the TV again. Commercials come on making a message, "Listen Gumball, the world will end in 24 hours, so look for the signs!" as Gumball changes channels. They suspect something is up but then ignore it. Later, the boys are on the school bus, then the Purple Moose walks over screaming "The...
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The episode begins with the Wattersons sitting at the dining room table. Richard had just finished telling his family a story about why anda shouldn't mix Pop Rocks and soda. Nicole asks if any of the other family members want to share anything (besides Richard) so Gumball tells everyone about him planning on going on a tarikh with his Cinta interest, Penny. Nicole is ecstatic and attempts to hug her son and with some effort manages to do so. Darwin admits to his brother that he's impressed sejak Gumball's confidence, because if he screws up this tarikh Penny might not ever talk to him again.
This realization...
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