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"Another note," she muttered, unfolding the crumpled paper. It only had two words on it;

Kowalski's next...

CC looked towards the intellegent penguin. He was looking around nervously, muttering to himself.
"They could drain my brain again! They... they could... destroy all memories of Jiggles! They.... they... they could... GIVE BLOWHOLE ALL MY INVENTION BLUEPRINTS!!!!!" He started pacing quickly. CC turned towards Private, who was trying to comfrot Skipper.
"Poor fellow," she muttered, going to sit seterusnya to Rico, who was doing absolutly nothing. She groaned, as a sudden wave of nausea washed over...
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Flashback: Take 1

Skipper: "I guess Dr. Blowhole isn't as smart as he thinks he iAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" *small warehouse goes underground*

*penguins wrapped around the spikes*

Private: "I don't think the kacang, kacang tanah butte--
Wait! Where's the kacang, kacang tanah mentega winkie?"

Rico: "Wasn't me..."

Private: "Rico! anda have kacang, kacang tanah mentega on your chin!"

Rico: "Uuuum...would anda believe coincidence?"

Private: T_T

Flashback: Take 2

Skipper: "I guess Dr. Blowhole isn't as smart as he thinks he iAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" *small warehouse goes underground*

*penguins wrapped around the spikes*

Private: "I don't think the kacang, kacang tanah mentega winkie...
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Joey's Pen: Take 1

Julien: "...Ha! Into your face penguin!"

Skipper: "Sh-sh-ssssh! Don't make a sound, we're in James's pen!
Blast! That's not right!"

Joey's Pen: Take 2

Skipper: "Sh-sh-ssssh! Don't make a sound, we're in Joey's pen!"

Julien: "Who's Joey?"

*Joey awakens & approaches them*

Skipper: "That's Joey."

Julien: "A kangaroo! Oooh! How cute!"

*Joey kicks Julien*

Joey: "Joey don't rightly appreciate trespassers mates, makes me mad!"

Skipper: "Now look, marsupal, we don't--"

Director: "Cut!"

Skipper: "What?! What did I say?"

Director: "MarsuPIAL, not marsupal."

Skipper: "Blast!"

Joey's Pen: Take...
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Chrome Claw: Take 1

Blowhole: "Oh, Skipper...You have lebih urgent matters to deal with..."

Skipper: "Like what?"

Blowhole: "Like...A certain mutation, I like to call..."

HD Surround Sound: "Chrome Claw"

Mutation: *roars*

Skipper: "Oh! So anda did get around to making that monster!"

Blowhole: "Yes. And I'm rather pleased with how he turned out..."

*Skipper & Mutation begin to battle*

Kowalski: "That would be extremely impressive if it weren't about to--"

Mutation: *hits penguins*

Kowalski: "--AAAAH!"

Kowalski/Rico: *hit dinding & ricochet back out*

Private: *slams into dinding with excessive force*
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Defeating the Lobsters: Take 1

*penguins begin battling the lobsters*

Group of Lobsters: *jump on Skipper & Kowalski* "Lobster pile!"

Blowhole/Julien: *turn around, begin strolling to the control panel & stop abruptly*
Director: *looks at cameramen* *sigh* "Do anda see what I have to work with here? Where's Mort?
*reaches for cell phone--* "And where's my cell phone?! *sees Mort in far corner*

Mort: *playing with Director's cell phone* "You can be my friend! And anda can be my friend! Oh! And anda can be my friend, too!"

Director: "Do I even want to know how he got that?"

Defeating the Lobsters:...
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Prisoner Escaped: Take 1

*Blowhole enters laughing with lobster, udang galah minion throwing ikan in his mouth*

Julien: *hangs on the bottom of the cage laughing* "Question...Why are we laughing?"

Blowhole: "Question! How did the prisoner escape?!"

Julien: "The prisoner escaped!? Is he dangerous?!"

Blowhole: "No...And apparently he isn't very bright..."

Julien: "Oh...I know the type...So let's talk!" *steps on buttons on Blowhole's segway type vehicle, which causes it to lurch forward*

Julien: *flung into Blowhole's face, but slips off & goes over his head* "AAAAAAAAH--OOMPH!
Oh, that smarts!"

Blowhole: Maybe...
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Kissing Scene: Take 1

Kowalski: "No...hard...feelings?"

Hen: "You've meddled with mental powers anda can't begin to comprehend, Kowalski! My wrath will be fierce! But sejak golly anda are one salsy dancer!"

*Hen begins Ciuman Kowalski*

Hen: "Blech! What have anda been eating?!?!"

Kowalski: "Fish. I'm a penguin. Do the math."

Kissing Scene: Take 2

Kowalski: "No...hard...feelings?"

Hen: "You've meddled with mental powers anda can't begin to comprehend, Kowalski! My wrath will be fierce! But sejak golly anda are one salsy dancer!"

*Hen walks toward Kowalski*

Kowalski: "WAIT! Do we really have to have this...
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"What's this?" he muttered, picking it up. He unfolded it. Kowalski, Rico, and Private crowded around to see. Though none of them could read, they all knew what it said.

And finally, Private...

"What does Priate have to lose?" Kowalski asked. "Lunacorns wouldn't be that bad, because anda could just go to the store and get a new one. It'd have to be something irreplacable..." he began pacing.
"But, anda could go to the store and buy a new Ms. Perkey," Private pointed out.
"Yes, but it wouldn't be the same for Rico. That particluar doll had sentimental value for him."

Private began to look worried,...
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She looked over the note, and read it aloud.

Now, Rico...

A cold wind swept through the park, as Rico looked around, into the darkness, searching for whatever it was he was looking for. Skipper had calmed down some, but still seemed upset about the sight of Marlene's dead body, that had been long since, buried. Kowalski was just finishing Doris' grave seterusnya to Marlene's. Private lay on the grass, feeling terrible. CC felt the same, but she helped Rico, on look-out.

A scraoing sound came from behind them, and they turned to see a suitcase in the streetlight beam.CC looked at the indentity tag, and...
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"Starting with who?" Private asked.
"There is no more," CC said, turning the note this way and that. A small card fell out of the folded paper, and Private picked it up.
"What about this?" he asked, handing it to her. CC took it, and read it to herself.
"Starting with Skipper," she finally said...

Skipper smirked.
"HA!" he said, loudly. "Whoever this is, they don't know me. There's nothing that I care for so much that it would destroy me if they were gone!" Just then, a huge, forked lightning flashed in the distance, and all the lights in the city went out. Though the fog had long lifted, it was...
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Kowalski sat up from examining Private. His face was expressionless.
"This isn't good," he said, gravely...

CC gasped loudly.
"NO!" she cried. "Don't talk gravely. I hate it when a scienist atau a doctor talks gravely! IT MEANS THERE'S NO HOPE!" And she burst into tears, crying loudly. Skipper slapped her hard, and CC stopped crying.
"Enough with the water works!" he snapped. CC wiped her eyes.
"I'm sorry, Skipper," she sniffed. "I'm being lebih emotional about this than I should." She stood shakily. "We'd better go back to the zoo." She turned to leave, but her steps were unsteady, and she stumbled...
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Skipper left the zoo - and the selamat, peti deposit keselamatan place of a utama - and entered the big city of New York. Tonight in particular, it looked even bigger, and intimidating, and Skipper was tempted to go back, and hide out in the safety of his HQ. But he had a team to find, and Penguins, well, they never swim alone!

He gazed around Central Park. The fog was thicker here. He could hardly see ten paces in front of him. He carefully took a step forward. Then another, and another, and another. Finally, he merpati onto his belly, and slid across the park. The roads were empty, no cars, nothing. There were no humans around....
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Skipper looked at the clock on the wall. He then looked towards the ikan bowl hatch.
"Where is she?" he growled, tapping his foot, and taking a sip of some normal coffee.
"Probably avoiding you, sir," Kowalski replied. "You did kinda threaten her earlier."
"Wouldn't anda if anda got a bucket of old ikan on your head?" Skipper asked, shuddering slightly. Kowalski shrugged, and turned back to the Shirtless Ninja marathon he and the others were watching.
"Come and sit down, sir," Private said, patting the spot seterusnya to him. Skipper shook his head. Finally, he got tired of waiting, and set down his coffee....
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Interview starting in




Me: "So, Private, who do anda most admire?"

Private: "The Lunacorns, they tunjuk anda the value of friendship."

Me: "Um...OK. What do anda like to do in your free time?"

Private: "Watch the Lunacorns."

Me: "Uh, right. What are some problems anda have to deal with on a daily basis?"

Private: "When I'm watching the Lunacorns & the TV stops working, atau when the others come & change the channel."

Me: "OK, has always been a dream of yours?"

Private: "I've always wanted to meet a Lunacorn..."

Me: " must reeeealy like Lunacorns, huh?"

Private: "Who wouldn't? Why?"

Me: "No reason.........."

Tip: Do I really need to give anda a tip on how to keep Private happy?
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The Central Park Zoo: New York City

*penguins were put in their habitat, & were now surrounded sejak humans*

Private: "Skipper? What do we do?"

Human 3: "Hey, penguins! Aw, your so cute!"

Kowalski: "Apparently we're here for the humans amusement..."

Skipper: "Um...ah...."

Private: "How are we supposed to make these humans believe we are just regular penguins?"

Human 4: "They're so cuddly!"

Kowalski: "Skipper...We need to do something!"

Skipper: "Will anda be quiet for a minute! I'm trying to think here!"

Human 4: *starts waving at the penguins while smiling*

Rico: "Kaboom?"

Skipper: "NO! I'm trying to...
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New Leonard: Take 1

Rat King: "...Awwww! C'mon! There's no fun in beating up a sleeping guy!
Not that I won't atau anything..."

Private: "Skipper! Look!"

Leonard: *snores*

RK: *shakes Leonard*

Director: "He really went to sleep this time didn't he..."

New Leonard: Take 2

Private: "Skipper! Look!"

Leonard: *jumps out of RK's arms*

Leonard's Dream: Gosh, Princess SelfRespectra! You'll be my best friend forever & ever!!

*RK struggles to keep Leonard from hugging him*

Leonard: "It's better to be Friends than to own friends..."

RK: "What are anda doing?!"

Leonard: "Hugs are happiness circles! We mate with...
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Dancing With Leaves: Take 1

Skipper: *cornered sejak the other 3, grabs 2 leaves & begins dancing*

Kowalski/Private/Rico: O.o

Kowalski: "HAHAHAAA! I'm sorry-hehehehe! I can't help it--HAHAHAHHAAAA! That just looks so wrong & awkward! HAHAHHAAA!"

Skipper/Private/Rico: T_T

Dancing With Leaves: Take 2

Skipper: *cornered sejak the other 3, grabs 2 leaves & begins dancing*

Kowalski/Private/Rico: O.o

Skipper: *stops abruptly* "OK, there is just no way I can make this look manly."

Private: "Says the "man" who really is afraid of needles."

Skipper: "Pffffft! Nooo! Where did anda hear that pack of lies!...
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Broken Urn: Take 1

DoW: "Fine. Let's see what this body can do...Kick in the face!" *kicks Private in the face*

DoW: "Oh evil, I've miss--Hugs are the best medicine!"

Director: "Cut! That line comes later!"

DoW: "Well I am in a Lunacorn's body, it's not like I can help it."

Broken Urn: Take 2

DoW: "Fine. Let's see what this body can do...Kick in the face!" *kicks Private in the face*

DoW: "Oh evil, I've missed you."

*Runs away*

Skipper: "Stop that merah jambu play pony!
...Wow! There's just no way to make that sound manly!"

Chase Scene: Take 1

Skipper: *knocks DoW off his feet*

DoW: "Oh anda wanna dance,...
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