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A/N: Frankie is 3, Nick is 11, Meredith is 12, Joe is 14, and Kevin is 16.

"I hate you!"I screamed at my saat oldest brother, then slammed the door shut on his face, bursting into tears. I crashed down onto my bed, sobbing. After awhile, my tears were all dried out, and my eyes were red and puffy. I heard a knock on the door.

"Go away JOE!!"I yelled.

"It's me,"I heard the voice of my oldest brother, Kevin. I remained silent, and heard the doorknob turning. Kevin came in and sat beside me. I sniffed.

"Joe was only trying to-"

"I don't care!"I yelled, then bit my lip. I hardly ever yelled at Kevin....
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When Kevin Jonas and bodyguard Big Rob called into "The Seven" on Thursday to talk about the X the Text campaign they're involved in with Allstate, the elder statesman of the Jonas Brothers dikomen on Demi Lovato, who left her tour with the JoBros last bulan to seek treatment for personal issues.

The guys have remained mum on the subject since Lovato left the tour, not addressing the matter until now, when they sent the singer/actress their well-wishes.

"I really haven't had any contact [with her]," Kevin berkata on "The Seven." "Of course, we wish her well in her recovery."

On the subject of texting,...
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@The Tonight tunjuk Starring Jimmy Fallon -Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas talk about their upcoming tour, their book Blood: A Memoir and their new tunjuk Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brother
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@The Tonight tunjuk Starring Jimmy Fallon -Jimmy and the Jonas Brothers team up to perform hits like "Watermelon Sugar" to fit certain situations, like walking across hot coals.
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