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To celebrate 25 years of ‘The Lion King’ On Broadway, go behind the curtain with the creators as they break down the craftsmanship and artistry behind every aspect of the long-running musical.
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I mean no affiance to those who Cinta the lion king 2. And please don't leave any nasty comments, thank you.

First off, the animation.
The animasi in the lion king 2 is totally horrible. Simba is darker (And somewhere in the movie his eyes are actualy blue!) , Nala is to bright and her eyes are to blue, Timon is dark and Pumba is dark and looks disgusting. The only charicters that looked like they did in the first movie were Scar and Mufasa. The wildebeests in the nightmare scene looked like wolves! I actually think that that the animators took lebih time and work in drawing the new characters...
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