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posted by Mollymolata
Fandom: Sims 3
Characters: Gloria Goode and Arthur Langerak

Disclaimer: I don't own The Sims 3 atau The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes. Only as a game.


Meanwhile in a Office a blonde man was walking out of the office with a co worker.

"Damien is such a jerk" berkata the blonde.

"Yes, anda don't deserve to be threatened like that" berkata the co worker.

"Sometimes I really wish I could just give up my job and work somewhere else instead for a jerk like him"

"Well better anda quit first, before he changes his mind and fires anda Arthur."


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posted by myau
Here are some cheats and tips for sims 3... they work for me! But if u have any problems leave a comment!

* While playing the game, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: In Windows Vista anda may need to press [Ctrl] + [Windows] + [Shift] + C to display the console window.


help - display most cheats

testingCheatsnabled [true atau false] - Enable testing cheats [Note 1]

kaching - 1,000 simoleons

motherlode - 50,000 simoleons

unlockOutfits [on atau off] - View career...
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posted by Mollymolata
It was midnight over Sunset Valley and near the borders of the town a red short building stand there with different shades of colours lighting up. This was a new disco, that opened in Sunset Valley a week ago. Inside various teenies and townies were there dancing, having a drink or...flirting. At the entrance a brown haired woman wearing a bahagian, atas and hot pants, entered into the disco and watched at all people dancing on the floor. The brown haired woman's name is Molly. She came from her best friend's house, Fiona. Fiona needed Molly's help with her daughter River, that had trouble with bullies...
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posted by simlover7341
Starvation - purple
Drowning - light blue, dripping water effect
Old age - light grey
api, kebakaran - orange
Electrocution - Yellow, electric currents through it
Mummy's curse - black/white
Blunt force trauma - red
Ranting - green, letters and symbols coming out of it
yu, ikan jerung - blue/ merah jambu
Human statue - dark grey
Watery grave - dark blue
Meteor - orange/ black
jelly, jeli kacang - purple/ black/ blue
Haunting curse - black/ green
Future urnstone hologram - don't know, will update soon
Time anomaly - VERY transparent light blue
Transmutation - gold

That was a senarai of all ghosts and their colours in The Sims 3 . If I have missed any atau made a mistake, let me know and I will sunting it as soon as possible.
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posted by amandapulver
So a lot of anda need help with making families that aren't boring and I feel the same way but I do have a few ideas that I've learned through out the years of playing Sims3.

The first idea:
This first idea is partially a story but can also make it as a sims game play! :)
(im gonna use names for these sims so its easier to like read the story. anda can change the names if anda want.)
A girl named Olivia Benson and a boy Joe Miller were about 2 years into their relationship being the age of 18 for both of them. One day, Olivia went to a coffee kedai and met a boy named Nate Jensen. (you can just have...
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anda know about them, right? Like, what they do, and their cruel actions. The way they take stuff from anda is a bit similar, with some differences. I'm not sure which is worse, but whatever.

Repoman repossess things and sometimes take some simoleons- maybe even a huge chunk of money from the targeted household. They get through doors to get to the most prized possessions- like one did to a painting that my artistic sim just made. That repoman totally made me mad enough to quit without saving!

They should be villains because their goal is to take stuff away from the active household- and they...
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